Gajalu Aakha Le by Bishal Gautam

A new Nepali modern with the vibes of immense love have been released. Gajalu Aakha Le title this song carries the very soothing music and feelings of  warm love. Bishal Gautam have composed the music of the song with the lyrics of Bishal himself along with his voice. The song carries the beautiful words of praising of  love. Feelings of the young couples have been explored in this song beautifully.

The love of  youngsters have been presented in music video of the song by featuring  artist  Paul Shah and Barsha Raut. They have been paired up in the music video as a couple by director Bishal Bhandari. Their good chemistry in music video have been captured by cameraman  Hari Humagain. Nishan Ghimire is an editor in this music video.

Love gives an immense excitement, self power along with  shyness is the main showing of this new music video and song. The music video and the song both are soothing for eye and ear. It will give a melodious moment for everyone.