Don’t Mess with a Nepali Modern girl

Have you seen any girl being constantly bothered by a guy?

In our society, we see a lot of guys teasing and bothering girls on the way. This video is an answer to those guys who underestimate girls and think girls are weak.

A young girl is on her way to college or job. She has to wait for a bus in a place. Then, a young guy walks near her. He starts to check out the girl from every corner and view. He even whistles to her and revolves around her. He continuously does that until the girl is compelled to walk away. This goes on for like 9 days and so. On the 10th day, the guy repeats the same. This time the girl really gets annoyed and asks him what he is up to. He replies as if nothing has happened and is waiting for a bus just like people do at the bus stop. He acts very normal. She even tells him that it doesn’t at all suit his profession, which is teaching. Still, he seems unaffected.

Again on the other day, he is found doing the same he has been doing all this time. This time the girl gets very annoyed and what she does to the guy will leave all of us speechless.An unforgetful lesson is learned by the teaser.

This video is an inspiration to all the girls who has been and has not been a victim of this kind of ill behavior. These kind of behaviors need to be answered in order to protect oneself.

Enjoy watching the full video.