Famous Religious Temples In Nepal




Nepal is a country where there are cultural diversities. We can find numerous culture and tradition and they have their own values. Nepal can be called Land of Faith. The different places of Nepal reflect the diversities of religion, norms, values, culture etc.




Pashupatinath is one of the oldest and sacred Hindu temples of Nepal.It are situated at the bank of Bagmati River on the eastern side of Kathmandu.The temple is built in the Nepalese Pagoda style of architecture.



Located on the hill of Taplejung Pathivara temple carries great significance in Hindu Religion .It is believed that Goddess at Pathivara temple is believed to possess supernatural powers and diligently answer her devotee’s prayers.



The pride of Rasuwa District Gosaikunda Lake is alpine freshwater lake which is located at an altitude of 4,380m.Its water are considered holy and of particular significance during Janai Purnima and Gangadashahara and the lake melts and flow down Trisuli River and remains frozen for six months in winter.



It is among the oldest religious sites in Nepal.The stupa consists of a dome at the base, above which is cubical structure painted with eyes of Buddha looking in all four direction. The site is considered Buddhist but this place is also visited by Hindu as well.



Lumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the Rupandehi District of Nepal.It has numbers of temple s including Mayadevi temple and others.



It is the sacred place for both hindu and Buddhist and is located at Mustang Nepal.It represents great example of how two different religion can share same holy spot with mutual respect.

 Jaleshwor Mahadev

jaleshwor mahadev

It lies in Janakpur zone and is one of the prominent places of pilgrimage.Just in front of Jaleshwor Mahadev temple there are two sacred ponds called Barunsar and Kshiresar.

Dolakha Bhimsen


It lies in the Dolakha district so it named after it and is popularly called Dolakha Bhimsen.The people from this district believes in Bhimsewar as their lord.



The popular temple from Pyuthan district Swargadwari is a Hindu pilgrimage and has a great historical value.There is a crowd of devotee from different place during Baisakh Poornima and Kartik Poornima.



Manakamana is the Hindu Goddess Bhagwati who is considered to be incarnation of Goddess Parwati.The temple is located at Gorkha District.It is believed that Goddess grants wishes to all those who worship her.



Located at 22 km from Kathmandu Valley,Dakshinkali is one of the most religious temple of Nepal.The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali.People usually sacrifice animals for the sake of prayers.