Home Remedies to control the Hair loss


Every girl deserves the long hair and they want to look young with the help of proper care and maintenance. Hair shows the Beauties for the girls. Some girls are gifted by the long hair with nature but some are really tired by falling their hair. Same way if you do not have beautiful hair then with the help of proper care and attention you can easily get long and strong hairs.

Some home Remedies tips are:

Regular Massage with Hair Oil: Massaging your scalp increases blood circulation in your scalp, stimulates hair follicles and in turn strengthens your hair roots. This also helps in to cure hair growth deterrents like fungal infections and dandruff. A bonus point is, it also helps in controlling your stress levels which is another reason for thinning of hair.

Appropriate Nutritious Diet: To prevent early hair loss and thinning of hair, you need to consume a healthy balanced diet rich in iron, protein, calcium and vitamins B. Consumption of Protein rich foods help in the growth of plush hair. Iron rich foods help in preventing hair loss.

Avoid Stress: To prevent hair loss at an early age or premature graying of hair, avoid stress. To avoid stress you can do yoga, meditation, exercises or go for long walks.

Treat Dry Hair & Dry Scalp: Dry Scalp & Dry hair contribute to hair loss at an early age and premature graying of hair.

Ayurvedic herbs for hair loss

Aloe vera is known ayurvedic herb for prevention of hair fall. It prevents the clogging of hair follicles so that the follicles get sufficient nutrients to growth and re-growth of hair.  Pure aloe vera juice can directly apply over the scalp to prevent hair loss that happens due to irritation or infection of the scalp. Massaging the scalp with the extract of neem helps in controlling of dandruff and keeps the lice at bay.  Boil the Neem leaves in water until it reduce to half. The combination of Amla and coconut oil is used to prevent the hair loss.

Curd for Hair Loss Prevention

If you want to say goodbye to hair fall, it is better to use curd along with other ingredients to fight hair loss. Curd is one of the powerful natural tips and effective home remedies to prevent hair loss and thinning of hair. To minimize the effect of thinning of hair, it is suggested that one should apply the paste of curd and lemon. Apply this over your scalp and left it for about 20-30 minutes followed by washing with lukewarm water.

Need to clean the hair Daily

You need to follow a healthy hair care routine. As you know if you want to keep any organ of your body healthy including hair, you need to keep it clean. Please read this article for a healthy care and routine to follow in order to control hair loss and premature graying of hair.

Avoid Using Hair and Coloring Products Containing Chemicals:

Try to use chemicals and fragrance free products.  The chemicals can irritate your scalp aggravating hair loss. By using the colorful product can damage your hair because there can be mix lots of chemical.