Hated celebrities Of Nepal

Rishi Dhamala is a popular Nepali journalist and the founder and chairperson of the Reporter’s Club Nepal.Rishi Dhamala is married to Aliza Goutam. Dhamala’s wife Aliza Goutam Dhamala is said to be a model and a permanent resident of Canada. Several online memes surfaced in Nepali social media circle after Dhamala’s wife said in a TV interview that Rishi Dhamala deserves to be Nepal prime-minster or president.He is hated due to his rude and illogical behaviour in the media.

rishi damala
Sahana Bajracharya wrote on her facebook that Football player Ronaldo should take acting as a career and football fans were furious at this statement. So here she is in our list.

Tirsana Budhathoki sures knows how to gain limelight. She is always in the news for her too unnecessary activities.She Is truly a controversy queen.She is recently seen Nepal’s flag painted on her body in a new music video.

Archana Paneru wants to be pornstar and her bold statement made her on our hater celebrities list.She was in the news overnight due to her unusual wishlist.She is often seen posting half nude photos in the social media.

Ho**t Bed Ro^^m@nce of Archana Paneru
Amnol K.C is very famous actor but he is highly criticized due to his poor acting skills. They also mentioned he is the daughter of Bhuwan KC. People have said him to improve acting skills.

Anmol Kc gave the strong answer in the press meeting