Ho**t Bed Ro^^m@nce of Archana Paneru

Archana Paneru now has been familiar name for all the people in Nepal, who wanted to become like Sunny Leone in professional life. Her name is known by everybody that she is po*rn star of Nepal. She likes to become a po*rn star till she was 17. Archana gain lots of fame in short period of time. She always came in publicity as a hot or se*xy issues.

She says in interview that she was supported by family especially her mother is fully supported to be po*rn star in Nepal. Before posting semi-nu^de photo on Facebook, nobody had known about her and only after posting those photos. She has been everywhere. And now everyday she is releasing her n@ked photos scene in the internet as well she does several bed sceneswith different guys and ki$$ing and then she highly get popular in the mass publicity.

Now days she is very highly demanding in Se*xy movie at the same time she has been offered from Ji$m movie to feature as a hot and Se*xy actress role. She is also featuring various music video which can attract anybody by her se*xy dance. This time, she does not only post photos but also some videos too. The video she is posting is really sh@meful and despite many people watched her n@ked video so the nobody has good impression about her.