Tips To Be Sexy ..(Feel Sexy And Be Sexy)

All of us want to look sexy and attractive but unfortunately all are not blessed with that “aura” of sexiness. We all have seen a person on the way and gave them a second glance that we find extremely sexy. We wished to be one of them don’t we?

 But don’t worry fellows we have some good tips which will make you feel sexy and look sexy. See the things is sexiness lies within us. There is a sexy person who lives inside you; you just have to warm up that person.

Let’s see what the factors are which makes us sexy.

Physically Fit


Yes it sound strange but this is true. A good physique attracts all of us. It helps a lot when it comes to knowing how to look sexy So take care of your body. Do yoga do exercise and look good.

Dress well


Well who does not like a person who looks good. So choose clothes which suits you, Know your body and find a dress which makes it look beautiful. Read some magazines and pick up some good points which will help you to look attractive.

Be Confidence


Nothing is sexier than being confidence. It is all about knowing yourself and bring out the best in you. Be confident on your self esteem, stand straight speak for yourself as well as for others talk to new people.

Get a haircut


You might not believe this but getting a good haircut can make you feel good and look good. So visit a saloon and get a sexy haircut which suits you.


Make strong eye contact


When you talk it is necessary to make strong eye contact. Don’t look down it will make you look shallow. Sexiness comes from the inside, and if you feel sexy, you’ll look sexy.

Learn to flirt


Flirting is quite actually. But don’t end up being a complete cheap flirter. Just know how to flirt in a positive way. Compliment your partner talk about good things. Show your happy persona.