How to Make A Guy Want You More

If you want to have a happy relationship and a boyfriend who appreciates you, don’t compromise on your wants and desires in the relationship just to make your boyfriend feel happy. He’ll start to accept you for who you are, instead of realizing how understanding, accommodating and genuinely nice you actually are.How to make a guy want you? Make sure he knows you’ll be good for him. When you’re getting a guy to want you, you have to show him that his life would be better with you in it. Of course, that’s not something you can just announce. You have to be subtle, and be careful about how you word things.

Making a guy want you means working on yourself, too. When you’re focused on getting a guy to want you, it can be easy to lose a little bit of yourself. You don’t have to do that, though, and you don’t want to do that. The more work you do on yourself, the healthier and better off you’ll be. You’ll also be seen as a great catch for the right guy.

Getting a guy to want you is going to take effort. It’s not an overnight thing, but it can be well worth it. You may find that being a little devilish is necessary, like making him a little jealous, but if you’re sensible about how you handle things, it can really work out well. Then you’ll have the right guy, and you’ll know he wants you, cares for you, and craves your company.

Sacrificing your happiness for someone is a good sign, but only if it’s mutual. There’s a thin red line between sacrificing and suffering in a relationship.

Here are Some Tips Which Will Help You To Make Him Want You More:


When he sees that other guys are interested in you, he’ll start to take notice of that. Then, he’ll begin to look for what they see in you, and he’ll start realizing all you have to offer. He’ll also see that he’s got competition.If he wants you, he’d better make a move to get you before someone else does. Woman who are pursued by a lot of men have options, and you want your guy to see that. In order to be the best option, he’ll need to step up and make the effort to win you over.


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Your boyfriend is not better than you. Falling in love is a mutual experience between lovers. Have an ego and be confident of yourself. If you truly respect yourself, your boyfriend can’t help but respect you and admire you.Have your own life. Your boyfriend is only a part of your life, not all of it. If you’re always with him or he finds you available all the time, he’ll only take you for granted.Be a smart girl. Be aware of the world around you, be it on the news or in current affairs. Men always think they’re more intelligent and aware. Prove him wrong, he’ll worship you and take you more seriously.


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Make your own plans now and then. Go out with your own friends and feel good about yourself, be it in having a good conversation or attracting the attention of another cute guy. Believe in yourself, and remember that you’re still hot stuff. And the best part, he’ll miss you more when you aren’t available at his beck and call.


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When he’s a little jealous, he’s focused on getting you. He’ll want you more and more, the longer it takes to get together with you. By spending time around him but not getting too close, you’ll be making him a little more jealous each time. Before you know it, he’ll have decided that he just has to have you. But remember not to overdo it, otherwise he will see chasing you as pointless.


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Be a wildcat with fiery passion. Try new things in bed. If you want to know how to make your boyfriend want you sexually, don’t be predictable in bed. Try new things and don’t let bedtime get boring. Enjoy sex and take pride in your passion and interest in exploring sex. Flirting with him can really get him interested and get him focused on all your great attributes. You can do simple things like touch his arm and laugh at his jokes. Be sure to look into his eyes for just a little too long before you smile and look away.


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Making a guy want you also means dressing for success with the opposite sex. You don’t have to have everything hanging out to get attention. You just want to show off your best assets. Find clothes that fit you the right way and show off a little skin..Let’s talk about pleasing your man with appearances first.  Look sexy and have eyes turn towards you when you’re in his arms. If his friends think you’re hot stuff, he’ll desire you and want to be with you more. And he’ll never want to let go of you.


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Make sure you show interest, but don’t move too fast. That way, you can be sure the guy really likes you and isn’t just looking for some quick and easy conquest.Play hard to get when he takes you easy. Don’t let your boyfriend ever take you for granted. If you ever feel like he’s taking you lightly, put him in place. It’ll scare him, true, but it’ll also make him realize that you’re not someone to be taken for granted.



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Snub him or avoid his calls when he disrespects you. He’ll be too scared to take you lightly. You’re not throwing a tantrum by doing this, you’re letting him know that you have self respect.Getting a guy to want you also means making him understand that you don’t really need him. You might want him in your life, but that’s different than needing him to be there. Rather than get too clingy or start relying on him for help, money or anything else, show him that you have your own life to live and can take care of yourself.


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Be passionate about life and your own ambitions. Your boyfriend will never respect you or desire you if all you do is sit wide eyed and stare when he talks about his ambitions and dreams, and have nothing to share in return. He’ll see that you value yourself, which is a very attractive quality for any woman. He’ll admire you more if he sees your independence and realizes you value him enough to accept him into your life.Make him see that you value him, but never give up who you are in order to get him.