Food that increase the Immunity Power

Eating 8 to 10 peanuts daily will increase the immunity power as well as this will provide the energy to fight with mental pressure. The vitamin-e on it will increase the natural cells on the body. This also k!lls the cancer cores. This increase the B type cells on the body which develops the antibodies which helps to k!ll the harmful bacteria of the body. The vitamin-e on the peanuts will make the skin healthy as well as prevents wrinkles.

This contains Vitamin-c which helps to develop the blood cells which helps to fight with other disease. This will not allow the virus to enter inside the body. This increases the cholesterol and controls the blood pressure. The chemical compound on it makes the immunity power active.

Garlic makes the antioxidant that strengthen the immune system. This contains silicon that provides the power to fight with infection and bacteria of the body. This also prevents from cancer and alsor. This strengthen the immunity system of the body.

This is considered as super food. This contains fol-late which helps to develop the new cells of the body. Similarly it contains fiber, iron, anti-oxidant elements and vitamin that make the body healthy. This also covers the constipation problem.

To increase the immunity power mushroom is very beneficial. This also activates the blood cells. This is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor. Eating 30 gram mushroom per day increases the immunity power.

It contains Glutathione which makes the immune power strong. Eating this as a salad provides the protein and calcium in the body.