Jeevan Luitel on the set of “Kum Kum Vagya” Pargya and Avhi


Namastenp, Kathmandu 10, Shrawan, Jeevan Luitel is one of the Popular actor in the past time. He was also a Mr. Nepal in which he has featured in lots of movie. But nowadays he is spending almost time in the abroad country. He was seeing in Maximum time in America and he was trying to get green card of America. And in this rest time he is spending time by visiting the places.

And now, he is in Mumbai and meeting with TV serial “Kum Kum Vagya” s couple Avhi and Pargya. He went there in the shooting time of Kum Kum Vagya. Jeevan is taking the Photo snaps with Actor Avhi. they both are looking gorgeous.

Pargya was shocked when she met with the Jeevan Luitel. Her original name is Shriti and she is also famous lady for the Nepali people because she told in one interview that she is from Bihar India but she was studying 6 year by living in Kathmandu. She studied in Kathmandu because her father is used to work here. So, there are some controversies of the people assuming that some are claiming Shriti as a Nepali girl but some are claiming that she is from India

Shriti studied in Modern Indian School of Kathmandu. She can talk Nepali language. When she met with Jeevan luitel she became surprise and feels shy.

And now her TV Serial “Kum Kum Vagya “is in the number 1 position.