Love Story of Popular Commedian Sandeep Cheetri and his Wife


Sandeep Chhetri is a most popular and famous comedy artist of Nepal, and also runs his program named”What the flop” in Kantipur Television. He came highlighter in the media as a talented dramatist. His act is awesome. His wife Samikchya is simple and beautiful girl and she is a banker in Mega Bank Ltd.

Sandeep Cheetri with his wife were Presented in the Narayan Puri Show at “Jeeven Sathi” Programmed as a being guest. Sandeep Cheetri talks about his relationship with the host Narayan Puri.

Sandeep had no clue he would meet Samikchya in bank because he was just visiting his friend. He and Samikchya both were surprised and nervous when his friend introduced them. Talking about their first meeting Samikchya said that  she did not like him as he dressed roughly. She did not took him seriously.

They both took separate ways after their first meeting. But after a while they found their way and started spending time with each other.

They used to talk in the phone. However, slowly and steadily, she started getting close to Sandeep. Latter, Sandeep Purpose to her but she said that she was not ready to marry with him. She felt that they both are not perfect  match with each other because professionally they were in different genre. Sandeep is a famous media person while she was a banker. This differences made her realize that may be their relatinship will not work. But gradually, they spent quality time with each other and became closer. He married Samikchya Pokheral on 2012 (2069/10/10)

In an interview, Samikchya explained that, she was latter attracted to him because he was humble and polite to her. They shared about their personal things and developed liking towards each other. Sandeep further said that he likes her simplicity and innocence.

Samikchya has always been supportive towards his work. Though, some times she feels sad because of his work commitment. Today, they have a little daughter and they both are happy with their relationship.