Dhoka Nepali Short Movie

“Dhoka” is a short Nepali movie based on reality of our society people. This movie may be the story lots of family who are going through shattered dream of happy family.This movie is portraying the somehow story of our society with a fictional family drama. A housewife, who already have a daughter and got numerous responsibility towards family have de$troy her whole family. A small girl, who needed a warm love of her mother and father is living her life as a abandoned child. Her father , who have gone to abroad just for the shake of his family is not well known about the fact of his wife.

He is sending all his income of sweat and blood to his wife thinking that she is taking care of her family and daughter. But, the reality is vast different from his thoughts. She is having an affair with random guy. She is even making a phy$!c@l relation with him, with which she have symptoms of pregnancy. She have run away with that guy by leaving her daughter alone in the house.But,next day, her husband arrives at a home and founds that his wife have already left the home and daughter alone for some guy.

The story of this movie will give a tear to your eyes. This is the reality of our society, who are facing many problem from this kind of issue. Lots of children are being abandoned and many family have been broken into pieces.