Top 8 Reasons Why Arranged Marriage is Better than Love Marriage

Marriage is that social institution where we all have to commit at some point of time in our lives. Every body need good life partner to live happily but it should be our right decision while choosing the partner because marriage is one of the best and wonderful moment that happens once in a life.

There are two types of marriage and they are arrange marriage and Love marriage. They both are equally important and they are right in an own way.
But most of the people thought that the arranged marriage can get more successful as well better than love marriage. And here are some reason behind these.

  • Love marriage may or may not last but arranged marriages have the potential to last longer.


  • In love marriages, most of the problems arise due to the lack of respect for each other’s families. In arranged marriages, since families are involved from the beginning till the end, the bride and the groom respect each other’s families like their own.


  • After marriage, the couple is highly compatible because their base is strong.


  • Arranged marriages have much lower expectations than love marriages and When we do not expect anything form a person, its always better.


  • Couples whose marriage was fixed by their parents and the other elderly members of the family are more socially acceptable than the ones who fell in love and got married.


  • In arranged marriages, our respective families make the match. Our parents know us way better than what we know ourselves.Since families are involved, there is no risk of being wrong. They take all the responsibilities and the wedding is a success.


  • In Arranged marriage, you will get time to fall in love and Slowly and gradually, you get to know each other and it takes time to fall in love with each other.when to get to spend all your day with one single man or woman, you are bound to fall in love.


  • In Arranged marriage You Get to Choose from a Wide Range of Options.




-Anu Shrestha

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