Let’s Talk About Love



mmmmLove is the most beautiful and warm feeling. It is to feel   great affection to someone. Well for some it is one of the most desirable feelings yet it can be confusing state of emotion for some. People in love regularly exhibit signs of emotional dependency on their relationship.

So let’s go through some of the fascinating facts about Love.

  • Women around the world are more likely to fall in love with partners with ambition, wealth, status, a sense of humor, and who are taller than they are.


  • You are attracted to those who look or smell similar to your parents.


  • Falling in love is similar to taking drugs like cocaine or nicotine.


  • Love can actually make you CRAZY.


  • On average, a man will spend one year of his life staring at women. Strange right!


  • It takes less than four minutes to decide whether you like someone or not.

4 minutes

  • The expression of having butterflies in your stomach is a real feeling that is caused by an adrenaline rush.


  • On average, men around the world marry women who are   younger than themselves.


  • Be careful who you look at, because if you look into a stranger’s eyes, you can fall in love.




  • Couples or partners who are similar to each other are not likely to last in romantic relationships.


  • When two people in love stare into each other’s eyes,their heart rates races fast.

heart beat rate

  • On average, people fall in love seven times before getting married.

7 times

  • Men are quicker than women to say “I love you” in relationship.


  • Studies shows that men are also more emotionally affected when relationship end.


  • You are most likely to fall in love with someone if you first meet them in d@ngerou$ situation.




  • Men who k!$$ their wives in the morning are said to live five years longer than men who don’t.