Crushes In Life


Everyone has that someone special who makes them blush and gives those butterflies’ times and again when remembered. It’s that magical feeling from the childhood which we cherish throughout our life. The very first crush of our life holds a special place in our heart.

So let’s figure out some of the crushes in our life.

Childhood Crush



Remember the very first crush of our life. We tend to develop crush to those person whom we idolize. Well my first crush was my school teacher. I was attracted to him because he gave chocolates to me every day. These sweet and tendering things are very attractive to child. Child may develop crushes to anyone with whom they spend lot of time and are emotionally attached to. For some children their crush may be their parents and for some it may include teachers and care givers. Well these types of crushes are common in children from nursery to third grade.

Usually these crushes do not last long and we tend to forget after a period of age but when remembered it gives us series of sweet memories.

Well when we enter into the age of 10 and more we are attracted towards charming movie stars, that handsome hunk next door which we don’t dare to talk, brother’s cute friend and so on. These are the crushes which we are attracted physically. Here comes the part where we start writing journals, spending hours infront of mirrors, making greeting cards giggling with friends, day dreaming etc.

Well these crushed also do not last long as we keep on liking the other person who are better than the last. It is usually common from forth grade to eighth grade.

Teenage Crush

loving 1


Here comes the complicated yet wonderful phase of our life. Teenage love brings richness to our life. It makes us feel secure, comfortable and understood.

Have you ever been in phrase where you see the person and just smile like idiot? Yes, that exact moment is your entrance in teenage love. It’s full of romantic gestures, gifts, music, movies, showing off, kissing and outing and so on. We are either overjoyed and happy or completely miserable. We love someone so much in depth that you are unable to stop loving them no matter how many times they have hurt you. We fight with your partners cry back home and suddenly start calling them and say sorry. Listening to lyrics of music and smiling because it’s true.

Yes, all these are some of the parts of teenage love life.

Mid Life Love


In This phase of life we tend to choose a partner who is willing to compromise. We try to fit in their life and their happiness are more important than ours. We choose our partner who are similar to us that may include habit, interest, hobbies etc as it makes us easy to understand them and makes our life less complicated. The thing that we crave in partner is to love us unconditionally and their loyalty.

We want to explore our self in each other’s life. For this reason we do all kinds of thing to impress our partner like getting a new hairstyle, cooking food for them, watching after their dog even if we don’t like and so on.

Well we should take a wise decision while selecting a partner because they play a significant role in our upcoming days.

Whether it is childhood crush or teenage melodrama or mild life love it always beautiful to love someone and to be loved back in return.