6 habits of exceptionally lucky people

If you are a great believer in luck, then take this in mind that searching for all the four-leafed clovers in the world,praying to all the shooting stars you see and wearing all the lucky charms you believe you have won’t matter if you don’t actively work towards making your life better.

So, this time here we have brought 6 practical habits you can adopt to change your luck:
1. Stay mindful
Being mindful indicates to stay alert for all the times and in all kind of situation. You need to be completely aware of every things that are going around you as well as inside you and this cannot be a one-time thing.You can’t keep switching from working on auto-pilot one minute to carefully deciding your actions in the very next. When you adopt a mindful mindset, you are more likely to embrace the opportunities around you, to take advantage of every situation, and to create your own luck.

2. Remain proactive
Remaining proactive is one of the vital and most common in luck people. They always search for new things to try, they apply to every opportunity they can find, and they go out to actually make things happen. This means that they just don’t wait around lying in their bed all day just waiting for some stroke of luck to land them a job or to get them that scholarship opportunity. These are the people who remain in control of their lives.

3. Grab all the opportunities
All the successful people around you are opportunists. They’re clever enough to recognize unique and sometimes concealed opportunities that come their way. Most people are rigid in their thoughts and actions and they tend to look out only for a set pattern of opportunities. They don’t look out beyond their original plans. They don’t step out of their comfort zones. And they are not open to new experiences.

The truth is that luck probably had very little to do with it. A lot of us are given opportunities to travel one time or another but we just don’t see this as an opportunity to expand our horizons, an opportunity to be that ‘lucky’ person. We come up with reasons saying we have too much work at the moment, or that the timing just isn’t right, or that we can’t just go without our friends or family.The list of reasons at that time was endless but you’ll come to realize a few years down the line that those reasons were merely excuses! Excuses that stopped you from taking advantage of an opportunity.

4. Develop insight
In our lifetime, we gain two kinds of knowledge. The first kind is explicit which is the knowledge we gain from going to educational institutions and reading all those books. This is basically the factual knowledge we have. The second kind is implicit knowledge which is something we gain through experiences and observations.

Both kinds of knowledge have their own unique significance. We can develop a strong insight by making intelligent use of a combination of both kinds of knowledge to make important decisions and choose a particular path in our life. Insightful people tend to have a higher social and emotional intelligence.They can read people well and understand unspoken issues. Lucky people are known to have a strong insight in life.

5. Be flexible
Our lives keep evolving. The situations, people and places we see today might not even exist tomorrow. In order to lead a successful and ‘lucky’ life, it is absolutely essential to accept and appreciate the constantly changing dynamics of life. If you are a person who can accept change, a person who can be flexible with their decisions, and a person who can take advantage of new situations instead of panicking over them, then you are already on the path to creating your own luck.

6. Practice optimism
It is always your decision to look at the glass as half full or half empty. And that’s the key difference between a person who considers himself lucky and a person who never can. Optimism helps you spot the silver lining in every given situation.

Therefore, if you look closely, it’s not really the lucky circumstances that you actually envy about a person. What amazes you is the way that person is always able to see the positivity and advantage from every situation they’re given.

It might be true that the only reason you’ve never felt very lucky is because you never seem to find positivity in anything.