Love or Lust

We all have been in relationship and has always wondered is it a true love or just a fling. Well we get confused about our relationship all the time. Falling in love takes time, it is a gradual process.

Here are few things that differentiate love from lust.



Love is a strong and deep attachment towards the next person. It is a warm and intense feeling of attraction and blissful feelings.

Here are few things that are the features of falling in love.

  • When you desire only that one person, you know you are in deep romantic love.
  • You want to spend quality time together other than sex.
  • You get lost in conversations and forget about the hours passing.
  • You want to honestly listen to each other’s feelings and make each other happy.
  • He or she motivates you to be a better person.
  • You want to get to meet his or her family and friends.
  • You can’t stop thinking about that person.
  • You get emotional support.
  • You plan a future together.
  • You make each other feel special.
  • You talk about them with parents and friends.
  • You feel secure with him or her.
  • You consider your feelings about moving the relationship forward.




Lust on the other hand is a strong desire for sex in addition to their physical attraction. There is no involvement of feelings.

Here are few things that are the features of falling in lust.

  • You’re focused on the physical appearance of the person of your desire.
  • There is a strong desire to have sex, but not deep emotional conversations.
  • You’d rather keep the relationship on a fantasy level, not discuss real feelings.
  • You are lovers, but not necessarily friends.
  • There is more fire and less stability.
  • Sex is always in your mind.
  • Your memories are associated with the bedroom alone.