Enchanting Love Story Of Dhurmush and Suntali

They both were the rising star of Nepal and they were more than glad to be friends. However, their bonding was meant to grow even stronger. After a while, Sitaram (Durmuse) developed liking towards Kunjana (suntali) as they were together most of the time in the set of Meri Basyai.


When Sitaram proposed her through phone she felt little awkward and strangely rejected him. At the same time, the fear of losing a very good friend also kept haunting her.


Kunjana added: “At first I was surprised to know that he likes me and was unable to understand how to handle the situation. We continued to be good friends and he was always there for me. Well it is well said that love knows how to find its way. It took time, but slowly, everything fell in place and we started dating each other.”


Being friends, there was no secret between them; rather their relationship had a lot of transparency. After dating for many years they got married in 2009. The companionship made them stronger as well as interdependent on each other. However, it also let them mature as a better person too. The couple became proud parents of a baby girl.


Defining his take on the relationship, he happily said:

“We have grown together over the years and this interdependence has also allowed us to grow individually.”

Both the love birds are crazy about each other. In an interview, both of them could not stop praising each other and shared their beautiful memories of life time. Someone had rightly said, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” Kunjana said that she misses him even if he is around.

Sitaram also addedKunjana is the perfect partner who understands me totally. I feel lucky to have her in my life.”


Today, few years down the road, the two are still as much in love and committed as they were when they met.

So, here is our warm wish to them a lifetime of happiness and many more years of togetherness.