Fun Facts about Masturbation

 By age 17, about 80% of males have masturbated, as opposed to 58% females.

Frequent masturbation could potentially be good for your health. 5
Vibrators are frequently used by women during masturbation, and they’ve been using them for a long time.dddddd
Men in a good mood have a memory bias against masturbation — they don’t remember the last time they committed the act.4
Masturbation has proven health benefits like stress management, healthier pelvic muscles, secretion of endorphins, and cardiovascular exercise.7

Careful, though. If you go at it too hard, you can fracture your own penis.3

Women who have higher levels of testosterone are more inclined to masturbate.Seventy percent of married people admit to masturbating. For better and for worse.Untitled-1
Humans are not the only species to masturbate; birds, horses, and apes also self-please.6
Masturbation can help to relieve different types of pain, including menstrual cramps.

Self-congratulating can improve sperm quality in men with fertility problems.