Reasons For Putting Mehendi in the Month Shrawan


People usually apply Mehendi Design on their hand and feet in Shrawan Month. The main Reason behind is to get rid of the effect of Climate changes that may occur in this month {Jun-July}

As we know that Mehendi is used in every function like marriage ceremony. All girls want to look beauty in the functions so they use Mehendi to look more beauty. But there are more trends to wear green things in shrawan month like green clothes, beads, bangles and Mehandi is a pretty recent phenomenon, it started less than ten years ago but it has become a fashion now. Regarded auspicious by the Hindu women, the month of Shrawan brings colours and cheers among the Nepali Hindu women. It says that wearing green things in this month brings happiness and peace in life and also says that unmarried girl wear Mehendi and Bengal to get good husband in future and married girl wear Mehendi to increase the life spend of their husband. During this month, especially on Mondays, women fast and put on green and red coloured dresses and other accessories; they also visit the temples or idols of Lord Shiva. Fasting is observed on Mondays by unmarried women to get an ideal husband like god Shiva. And married women do it for the long life of their husband.

This is the month when girls and women are excited about painting their hands red with Mehendi or henna. Likewise, the women also opt to load their hands with green and red colour glass bangles and don green dresses. With colourful clothes and accessories, they look attractive in this month.