Husband & Wife Se$$xy MMS

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

Many cr!me takes place due to carelessness. Evilness inside any person can not be recognize in a outer appearance and behavior. Thus,here is a short movie where you can see the same thing.

This story is about loving husband and wife. They were happy with each other. One day, husband record their phy$!cal relation ad r*om@nce on the phone. Everything was recorded on his phone, how they were having $*x and r*om@nce. Wife saw it and asked her husband to delete it but he denied and told that he feels happy to see it later and nothing will happen with that.

Their servant happen to saw it. He grabs an opportunity of that recorded video on their cell phone. So, he silently try to took that phone but wife c@ught him. That servant forced and tried to pull that phone towards him and finally he k!lled her. She d*ied and later he told that her husband that people might doubt that he k!lled his wife so he was trying to hide but at last he found his wife was k!^lled by his servant.