Bitaudai Chu Din by Ambika Bhattarai

Singer Ambika Bhattarai given vocal song “Bitauchhu Din” have released the music video. The lyrics and music for the song also is of singer Ambika Bhattarai herself. Ashok Thapa have made an arranging work of this song.Song have been included in “Pal Pal” album.

Benisha Hamal and Nirajan Pradhan are in lead role in the music video. They are playing a role of romantic couple, who making a love.This love story have been directed by Bishal Bhandari. S.A. Vision Company have produced the music video of the song.

Nirajan is grabbing an attention of masses towards him through the music video and Benisha is in the mood of giving a less amount of presence in music video after getting too busy schedule for movie. Thus, the pairing of these young artists Nirajan and Benisha have come out with good chemistry.They have given the real emotions of love couple, who spends their whole day and night by observing the photo of their loved person.