Mohani Ko Dori by Yubaraj Gurung

Music Nepal have brought their another presentation of  Nepali modern song in market through their official  YouTube channel. ‘Mohani Ko Dori’ is the title of the song where there are lots of  fun and flirty.

Two guys seeS a girl swimming and they instantly get attracted towards her in this music video. They try to go close to her but the girl ignores her and walks away. The singers of the song have tried to sing about the same attractive nature of the girl that is pulling the singers towards her. In the song the singers compliment about the girl’s beauty and say how good looking she is. The song is very fun and very flirtatious.

The singers of the modern song ‘Mohani Ko Dori’ is Yubaraj Gurung. The lyrics of the song have been written by Dr. Bhola Rijal and the music composer of the song is Kishore Khatiwoda. The music video has been directed by M.B Grunug and artists Surya, Alex and Sarika are starring in the music video of the song.