Actor Shiva Shrestha is going to open Coffee Shop



Namastenp, Kathmandu-7 Bhadra,

Actor Shiva Shrestha is one of the popular and handsome actors. He is one of the oldest actors in Nepali film industry, Shiva Shrestha is well known for his charms and a lively character that he portrays in his movies. He has played more than 70 movies. He has also played in a numerous Pakistani movies, and had received film awards in recognition of his excellent performance the 1982 blockbuster movie “Jeevan Rekha” is his first movie.

He is famous in action movies as well as in romance movies. He is known for his good dancing skills and action sequences in the movies.

Before one year, he was featuring some movie but now he has no movie to play. So, now he is going to do new business. He is preparing to open coffee shop in the place of Bhaisiparty. On Tuesday, Movie’s director Prakash Saymi has given this information on Twitter.

This is good news for us but it gives bad sign because one of the famous actor who was going to open Coeffe shop in Bhaisiparty.

This is raising big question for us that why is he going to open this business? Is he going to open this business due to his low financial problem? Because, in an interview, he said that “he would be director if not an actor”.