Khalnayak is a super hit movie and it was released in theater 19 May, 2008. The action movie, ‘Khalnayak’ features two action superstars of Nepali film industry Nikhil Upreti and Biraj Bhatt with actress Jharana Thapa.
The Director of the movie is Rishi Neupane.The story, screenplay, dialogue, producer of this movie is maunata Shrestha and the producer of this movie is Roj Rana. “Khalyanak” is presented by. The actor Nikhil Upreti and Biraj Bhatta is leading main role in this movie.
Talking about this movie, Nikhil and Jharana they both fall in love. At the same time villain enters in the story. Biraj bhatta acts as a villain in first part because he too likes Jharana. So Nikhil is also seen in negative role due to Biraj. At the end Biraj dies. The superstar Rajesh Hamal is also featured as a guest role in this movie.

The tittle itself “Khalnayak” is negative hero but in this story Nikhil, Biraj and Rajesh Hamal, they all are positive in their own aspect. So, to know more about this story you must watch and give feedback and comment on my review.
This is a Audio Jukebox Of Nepali Movie KHALNAYAK(2008). Here are the beautiful tracks from the movie.

The Credit of this movie goes to the Bd Channel Pvt Ltd.

DOSTI motion poster



A presentation of Sophia Cine Art New Nepali Movie Dosti bannered by Rose Rana. It was released in theater 5th January 2009.
The movie is directed by Madan Ghimire.
Krishna Shrestha is Cinematography of this movie as well Rupak Rana is a producer of the movie. The story, screenplay, dialogue, producer of this movie “Dosti” is Presented by Maunata Shrestha. The actor Biraj Bhatta and Arjun Karki is leading main role in this movie.Dosti is a friendship and it is a state of mutual trust and support. In this movie, there we can see a strong bond friendship of the two leading actor. Arjun karki is leading as a rich family and Biraj Bhatta is leading as poor family background. As they both are very close friend in first part but the same time beautiful lady enter due to her their friendship broken. After this incident, this story taken a new mode. To know more about this story, you should watch the movie and comment on my review
The featuring actor in this movie are Nikil Upredi, Rose Rana, Biraj Bhatta, Dinesh Sharma, Arjun Karki Ram Keshor Bogatti, Kishor Bhatta and leading popular actress are Jenisha Kc, Subhadra Adhikari. Dosti is an action movie and well known super hit movie.
In this video we will see the motion picture of superhit movie Dosti.

Controversial Love story Of Nikhil and Sanchita

Today Nikhil and Sanchita might be one of the foremost power couples of Nepal but their love story was ridden with obstacles. They did married in but it was certainly not an easy journey.

Professionally they both were raising stars of Nepali film and they were best paired couple on screen. But on personal level they both were going rough time with their spouses.    ytytytytytytytyty

Sanchita was married to Aakash Shah who was struggling actor. She met Aakash Shah during the shooting of” Bhannai Sakina” and she fell in love with him. But, her family was against Sanchita’s decision to marry Aakash. However Sanchita married him without their permission. Soon they both realized they have made wrong decision and hence their married life dragged them into problems and they got separated after some time.

Nikhil too was getting rough patches with his long time wife Kopila He married Kopila after a long affair of eight years. Later on he had to face serious issues with her and was no longer in love with her.



Meanwhile his friendship with Sanchinta was getting stronger day by the day. They both shared troubled marriage so it was a common factor for them to become closer with each other.  They started liking each other in the set of Mr. Don. Nikhil was very comforting and was always there for her and hence they fell in love while working together.

Soon after their closeness there were numerous speculations about their ongoing love affair but they both denied. By this time they both were so madly and deeply in love with her.Once when she was busy filming other projects he used to drop off to spend time with her.After some years of dating Nikhil, Sanchita divorced her husband and happily stayed in relation with Nikhil Upreti.


Soon the very much in love couple decided to marry. They secretely got married in India and stay there more some time to avoid controversy. Meanwhile in Nepal Kopila was way too furious and she was not acceping the fact that Nikhil has married Sanchita. She was very mentally uncouncious. When she came to senses she was totally devastating. Well she was very strong woman but she was left with six month old son and her marriage had fallen apart.


They did not want to flash their marriage in public so they stayed silent for long time. After some time Sanchita flashed the news that they were in relationship for three years and got married in India. Nikhil and Sanchita lived and struggled in Mumbai for a year. When Sanchita became pregnant, she returned back to Nepal while Nikhil lived in India. A year after the birth of their first child, a son named Aatharv, Sanchita gave birth to a daughter, named Saanvi.


Today the couple are still very much in love and we wish them all the happiness in the world.