new nepali short movie Second Wife

When both of them entering a second marriage, they are often seen as lugging too much  baggage to make a success of their next life. This assumes, however, that people can come into any relationship without baggage, or a history that impacts the relationship an assumption that is, of course, untrue. Childhood, previous relationships, even relationships with siblings and friends over the course of life all impact spouse selection and the relationship that ensues from there onward.

In this short movie there are husband & wife fighting with each other and saying about their relation. The wife  want to sleep but  husband wants her go to bath.

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New Nepali Movie “ One Way”



Short Movie Bakhra Herna Jaada

Here comes an !nt!m@te story of a young goatherd girl and a guy. This story have been made the theme of a short movie title “Bakhra Herna Jaada”. This short movie may not appropriate for all age group. The $en$u@l story of this fictional short movie revolves around a dense jungle.A girl and guy who have come in jungle with their goats makes some conversation at the starting. Later, they went to roam around the jungle to find a lost female goat of a girl.

They could not find out the goat. So, guy again asks for the clue where she have lost her. Then, with a smile face girl replies him that goat was just an excuse. Actually, she was desperate to have !nt!m@te time with him. Then, guy also makes a happy face and goes for an action.They makes a phy$!c@l relation in that dense jungle. Thus, this is a ho**t and !nt!m@te story of two goatherd in the dense jungle.


A new Nepali short movie has been uploaded on YouTube and it is a very educational short movie. In the short movie a man has just arrived to Kathmandu to go abroad. he has no idea where he needs to go and is wondering around. But a girls sees him and starts to talk to him.

She even says that there is a room in her house and he could stay there if he wanted. He agrees and the girl takes him with her. They go to her room and they start to talk there. They get close instantly. Later they end up going on a date and they talk about different political and other things. They go home again and talk about things. They rest turn by turn and the girl says that she wants to go out again.

But this time the girl asks the man to wait. She goes to the room and steals everything the man has from his bag and runs away. The guy gets sc@red as he waits for a long time and he goes back only to find that he has been tr!cked.

Short Movie College Girl

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

College Girl is a short movie with a tale of a college girl have been shown in a fictional manner. A girl who is doing her college study and her some incident have shown in this short movie in very dramatic way. A girl who is in college is happy with her free life. She is enjoying her life with her friends and circle. Her college life is going perfect.

However, every happy story have to tangle with some m!$ery and s@dness. She also went through same thing. Two guy friend of her plans to celebrate New Year at one of the guy friend. They also plan to involve two of the girls and have a phy$!c@l relation.

As per the plan, both of the them invite them, She goes to celebrates New Year with them. They starts to have some conversation and fun. They even does alcohol promptly. Both girls lost their con$c!ousne$$ and become like a faint people.But guys take advantages from them. They have the phy$!c@l relation with them by making a turn.

The De@th Nepali Ho*rror Short Movie

“The De@th” is the hor*ror movie presented by NK TV . Couples are in deep in love with each other in this movie. Boy was the student of forestry so in terms of practical, he needS to visit the forest, so that he could research about the forest there. girl asks him to take her with him but he deni!es at first because the forest is too much and  d@n*gerou$. Still, girl forced him to take her with him. Then,they both went to the forest, he snaps the picture of the herbs, trees and the girl also ask him to snap her pics.

He did and they were so tired walking over the dense forest and they thought to take rest somewhere and they were just sitting the sound with deadly voice came there. The sound was like the sound of the gho*st and they thought it’s not safe to stay there and they gets out of the forest sees a bike of a friend and they went to the home and they did party on the boy’s house.

The friends gather and had a party with lots of jokes and it was so late so all went to their home and the boy was lying on the bed he opened TV there came s scene where the boy was going to do suicide for the girl and the girl was his girlfriend. He got sho*cked but certainly a ghost came and killed him there in his own movie.

nepali lok dohari comedy video prachanda vs baburam

In this video we will see musical fight between two actors who portray the role of political leaders of our country Dr Baburam Bhattarai and Prachanda.The actors in the video give justice to the mimicry of those leaders. The actors are hilarious and can sure make you laugh till your stomach hurts.Both of them are great politician of Nepal.In this video these actors are trying to show the cold relation ship between those political leaders.
Dr. Baburam Bhattarai  (born 18 June 1954) was the 35th Prime Minister of Nepal from August 2011 to March 2013. As a way out of the political deadlock since the dissolution of the first Nepalese Constituent Assembly in May 2012, he was then replaced by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi to head an interim government that should hold elections by 21 June 2013. He was a senior Standing Committee Member and vice chairperson of Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) until his resignation from his post and all responsibilities from the party on September 26, 2015. His former party started People’s War in Nepal (as self-proclaimed by Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)) in 1996 that had huge impact for the change of the political system in Nepal. The decade-long civil war which claimed life of more than 17,000 Nepalese had a major role in transformation of Nepal from a monarchy into a republic. He was elected to the Constituent Assembly from Gorkha in 2008 and became Finance Minister in the cabinet formed after the election.
Pushpa Kamal Dahal   born Chhabilal Dahal on 11 December 1954, commonly known as Prachanda is a Nepalese politician and chairman of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) (UCPNM). He led a guerrilla war against the government and later served as Prime Minister of Nepal from 2008 to 2009.
Prachanda led the CPN (M) as it launched a communist insurgency on 13 February 1996. In the ensuing civil war, more than 17,000 Nepalese died. Ultimately elections were held in 2008 and the CPN (M) emerged as the strongest party. The Constituent Assembly of Nepal elected Prachanda as Prime Minister in August 2008.

The up loader of “hamro shortflim” has categorized this video into four parts.

Dreams Nepali Movie 2016 Parody Suddha Pakhe Styles| new nepali short film

Sujan Neupane has directed has another short movie ” New Nepali Movie ( Dreams ) 2016 ” which is also a parody of 2016 upcoming movie Dreams.
This movie has been edit by Avisheak Poudel and Tanka K.C has done the cinematography. Here in this short movie Kajol Khanal, Sujan Neupane and Hemash Panta has been featured. This movie is about the dream of a servant with his landlord.
In this movie Kajol Khanal has been featured as a landlord and she has been the dream girl of her servant. Sujan Neaupane a servant who has been working for his landlord Kajol Khanla has been knitting a dream being a hero Bhuwan K.C. He is having a romance and comfort of living as Bhuwan K.C. He is enjoying his life in luxury life in his dream and also he is giving a autograph to his fan. But this is only the dream of him which never can be a reality.
Hence, the story-line of this short movie has been presented in a very funny and comic way. You may can enjoy this short movie with an imagination of a servant with his beautiful landlord.

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Mote Dai Gaye Poila – Nepali Comedy Movie 2016

Waihat Comedy Nepali Movie 2016.

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Screen Test – Hot Nepali Short Film 2016 | Nepali Social Awareness Video 2016

New Hot Nepali Films 2016.

A Young Lonely Girl Seeking for a Role In Film for ” Big Shot ” Goes for a casting couch with the Film Director.

A Video For Social Awareness.

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Don’t Mess with a Nepali Modern girl

Have you seen any girl being constantly bothered by a guy?

In our society, we see a lot of guys teasing and bothering girls on the way. This video is an answer to those guys who underestimate girls and think girls are weak.

A young girl is on her way to college or job. She has to wait for a bus in a place. Then, a young guy walks near her. He starts to check out the girl from every corner and view. He even whistles to her and revolves around her. He continuously does that until the girl is compelled to walk away. This goes on for like 9 days and so. On the 10th day, the guy repeats the same. This time the girl really gets annoyed and asks him what he is up to. He replies as if nothing has happened and is waiting for a bus just like people do at the bus stop. He acts very normal. She even tells him that it doesn’t at all suit his profession, which is teaching. Still, he seems unaffected.

Again on the other day, he is found doing the same he has been doing all this time. This time the girl gets very annoyed and what she does to the guy will leave all of us speechless.An unforgetful lesson is learned by the teaser.

This video is an inspiration to all the girls who has been and has not been a victim of this kind of ill behavior. These kind of behaviors need to be answered in order to protect oneself.

Enjoy watching the full video.