Sir I want to do research

In this footage a girl from the movie expresses her desire  to do work in research field.Her teacher says that its her final year and shouldnot miss her college exam but she has a strong desire to do research on jungle and its habitat.It has beautiful scenes. Hope you will like the video.


A presentation of Aama Devi Films Pvt. Ltd New Nepali Movie “junglee Babu” bannered by Ramesh Kumar Pandey”simple”.

The Movie is directed by Yadav Silwal. Producer is Devi Raj Pandey and co- producer is Chetan Koirala. As well Cinematography is done by Ratna Karki and Co-Cinematography is Suman Ghemire. Animation is done by Achyut Gajurel.The movie editor is prajawatil parajuli and the story written by Raj Kumar Pandey. Kebal Tamang is the executive producer of this movie. The music composer of this movie is Narayan subedi.

The Star Cast of “Junglee Babu”

The featuring actor in this movie are Sunil Thapa, Hiuwala Gautam,Santosh Kc, Rajkumar Thapa, Ram gautam, Krishna Parajuli,Gian Ghemire, Achuyut Gajurel,Rakesh Ghemire and Nabin Lamsal, Ganesh Niriol, Indradhoj Pandey,Binita Sapkota,Binod KC, Buddhi Sajar Baral, Dhub Adhikari and Laxmi Pokheral is leading main role in the movie as well Rejina Uprety.

Junglee Babu is interesting as well- known movie. We can see natural scenery of Nepal in this movie. The movie is beautifully prepared with lots of action.


new nepali short movie Second Wife

When both of them entering a second marriage, they are often seen as lugging too much  baggage to make a success of their next life. This assumes, however, that people can come into any relationship without baggage, or a history that impacts the relationship an assumption that is, of course, untrue. Childhood, previous relationships, even relationships with siblings and friends over the course of life all impact spouse selection and the relationship that ensues from there onward.

In this short movie there are husband & wife fighting with each other and saying about their relation. The wife  want to sleep but  husband wants her go to bath.

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Namaste Nepal Reports

Kathmandu, May 22nd 2016

Hamro Short Film brings us a new comedy video which is a story about a beautiful lady who owns a shop and her interaction with customers. She has developed some honest customer who visits her shop on regular basis and enjoys talking with her. Next day he brings some of his friends and they start to fl**irt with the lady with their meaningless yet hi!!larious line. The owner of the shop (lady) also enjoys the conversation with the boys and she too adds some fun stuff to their conversation. At the end the friend of regular customer cuts off and he has to pay the bill. Finding this out he gets furious and he starts to fight with her. She in return says him to never come in her shop again.