Five Funniest Character Of Sitaram Kattel

Meri basyai has been  entertaining the  audiences for many years. It is one of the most love and preferredshow in Nepal, despite many fresh shows popping up. So what makes the cult comedy so successful? Its actors, of course!

Sitaram Kattel is, undoubtedly, one of the finest actors in Nepal with the perfect comic timings and versatility. From playing a role of a Dhumuse to the ultimate comedian, Khadka jee he has done it all. For over several years,Kattel has entertained the Nepalese audience with his acting progress. He always manages to steal the show with his unmatched comedy and unique roles.

Here we bring you funniest character that Sitaram Kattel has played in Meri Basyai and tickled our funny bones.



It is the very first character of the show, lover of suntali. Dhurmuse has certainly got huge fan following due to his comic timing and has entertained us.

Khadka Jee


Another hilarious character Khadka jee who is the husband of  Apsara.From his dressing style to the way he talk everything about khadka jee is funny. The way he delivers is dialoge always makes us smile. We can forget the word the way he says “am……mmmaa”.

Muskan Pasa


We all love muskan pasa and his craze for girls. He is in love with fatauri budi. His character is indeed refreshing.

Khadananda Guru


His looks are extremely funny and so are his lines. He absolutely makes us laugh and refresh our mind.

Him As Kp Oli


This character certainly makes our day. It is based on the mimicry of political leader KP Oli.

He has become one of the most iconic figure of Nepal.