Update Your Windows 10 Soon….

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016


Upgrade your Windows 10 of computer soon because Microsoft is going to close Windows 10’s free service shortly. Microsoft have announced cost of 119 dollar for Windows 10 download through their official blog. Microsoft Vice President Yusuf Mehadi of Windows Corporate have wrote in  blog  saying “Microsoft Windows 10 was free for users. But this offer is expiring on 9 July 2. Then the user will get Windows 10 version to only a new device and $119 will cost for if its Home version.”

Microsoft Windows 10 was launched last year with a claim of free service in the history. Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system states that it have been  already used in so far 30 million devices in the world including smartphones along with computers.

Microsoft Personal Assistant Vice President Yusuf Kortana claims that already 6 billion questions have been answered in Windows 10. In addition, Windows 10 users plays more games than in the other version of Windows. Till the date 9 billion hours have been spent by game playing on Windows 10.

According to Microsoft, latest browser is becoming very popular. 63 billion minutes have been spent on Edge Browser by last March, which is 50 percent more than the previous year.