Yam lama lost his love – Khasyo Pirati | Nepali Sentimental Song 2016


Yam lama lost his love – Khasyo Pirati | A new sensational Lok dohori 2016

Lok dohori songs are nepali folk songs. These songs are very much popular around Nepalese people. Many dohori songs are released day by day.

Khasyo Pirati is a new sensational lok dohori song presented by Abhyas Digital Pvt. Ltd. Tragedy is shown in this song. It shows how a person who was once in deep love could not forget his lost love. After he saw the girl whom he used to love, he starts to vividly remember the days spent together and how their love used to be. This is a tragic song and is very heart touching. About 10 mins long and the music is also in a slow form to reflect the sadness.

The vocal in this song is given by Yam Lama and the lyrics are also written by Yam Lama himself. The music has been composed by basanta Thapa Prakash Bhatta is the directior of this video and Karan Chaisir is the cinematographer. The models Binod Shrestha and Rima rai Lama are starring in song.

A very soothing and sentimental song everyone must listen.

Do listen!