The De@th Nepali Ho*rror Short Movie

“The De@th” is the hor*ror movie presented by NK TV . Couples are in deep in love with each other in this movie. Boy was the student of forestry so in terms of practical, he needS to visit the forest, so that he could research about the forest there. girl asks him to take her with him but he deni!es at first because the forest is too much and  d@n*gerou$. Still, girl forced him to take her with him. Then,they both went to the forest, he snaps the picture of the herbs, trees and the girl also ask him to snap her pics.

He did and they were so tired walking over the dense forest and they thought to take rest somewhere and they were just sitting the sound with deadly voice came there. The sound was like the sound of the gho*st and they thought it’s not safe to stay there and they gets out of the forest sees a bike of a friend and they went to the home and they did party on the boy’s house.

The friends gather and had a party with lots of jokes and it was so late so all went to their home and the boy was lying on the bed he opened TV there came s scene where the boy was going to do suicide for the girl and the girl was his girlfriend. He got sho*cked but certainly a ghost came and killed him there in his own movie.

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