Chinese Black Batflowers


It is kept as an ornamental plant by gardeners who prefer to cultivate nightmares, and have the balls to live in the presence of a plant that looks like it crawled out of a Bosch painting and wants to plant its young in their head.


Their dangling fruit even looks like bats sleeping upside down, as pictured here…

4.8in by 7in@300ppi, RGB

Black bat flower can grow to the height of 36 inches.It has underground bulb which is used for storing of nutrients.They are  are 12 inches wide and have 28 inches long filaments. First flower will appear on a plant after full development of at least 3 to 4 leaves.Black bat flower is perennial plant, which means that it completes its life cycle after more than two years.

Creepy Bleeding Tooth Fungus


It is a hynoid  species, producing spores on the surface of vertical spines or tooth-like projections that hang from the under surface of the fruit bodies.

The fruit bodies typically have a funnel-shaped cap with a white edge, although the shape can be highly variable.The bleeding tooth fungus looks kind of like a wad of chewing gum that leaks blood.They’re also called the strawberries and cream, the red-juice tooth, and the devil’s tooth. Whoever is in charge of naming scary bullshit seems really insistent that this thing looks like a tooth, while mostly skirting over the fact that it freaking sweats blood.

They are listed as inedible which implies that someone attempted to eat one at some point.



Fatty Foods Leads Teens To Breast Cancer


Most of the teens prefer to eat the junk and fatty foods.They are almost fund of it.Recently a research have found that  those who ate more saturated fat in their diet had higher rates of breast cancer.

The researchers found that higher intakes of unhealthy fats and lower intake of healthy fats during adolescence were associated with an increased risk of denser breasts.Saturated fats come from beef, lamb, pork, poultry with skin, butter, cream, cheese and other whole or 2 percent dairy products, the AHA says. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are found in fatty fish, avocados, walnuts, olives and liquid vegetable oils, the AHA notes.

In the first study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute researchers looked at 337,000 women. The second was in breast cancer treatment. It looked at 88,000 women for 20 years. Both studies found higher saturated fat and higher animal fats were linked to this cancer.

Women who ate the most saturated fat during adolescence got about 13 percent of total calories from saturated fat. These women had an average breast density of 21.5 percent, the study found. Women who ate the least saturated fat — about 8 percent of total calories from fat — had a breast density of 16.4 percent.

Women Got @rrested On Child @buse Charge


A video where a women was @busing a boy went viral to the social media.She was @busing her child in an !nc!dent that was captured on home video and has been @rre$ted.

Weld County officials announced her name is Katrina Kennedy, 27,  who was @rre$ted this early Thursday afternoon.

Police @rre$ted Kennedy in Denver on Wednesday, more than two weeks after the video was @llegedly made in the Weld County town of Lochbuie, about 30 miles northeast of Denver.The 16 minute long video, which was shot by Kennedy’s roommate while she still lived in Lochbuie last month, spread across social media. It shows a young boy screaming and crying while the alleged @buse took place. Kennedy is seen shouting obscenities at and acting @ggre$$!vely towards the child.Court documents indicate the boy was left with multiple bruises from his mother’s @tt@ck$. The mother hits the child and throws things at it in the video.

Weld County officials said they plan to charge Kennedy with three counts of child abuse, all misdemeanors.

Kennedy made an appearance before a Weld County judge via video on Thursday afternoon. Her bond was set at $3,000 and a protection order says she can’t have any contact with the boy or anyone under 18.


Female Pilots From WWII Have Their Ashes Placed at Arlington


Female military pilots who served in WWII can officially have their ashes placed at Arlington National Cemetery after a decades-long fight with full military honors.

The Women Airforce Service Pilots have long fought for full burial rights, and can now be inburned in the nation’s most famous military cemetery following a bill signed by President Barack Obama Friday.

More than 25,000 women originally applied for the job, and fewer than 2,000 were accepted. Of those, 1,074 graduated from training, according to the Department of Defense. The women had to pay their own way through basic training and buy their own dress uniforms, though they were paid as civil servants. During their service, 38 women died.

In 2002, the cemetery authorized the women to have their ashes placed in its columbarium, but the policy was reversed in 2015. Then-Secretary of the Army John McHugh said the cemetery’s superintendent had overreached and federal law didn’t support the decision.

The law signed Friday gives the women full access for their ashes to be placed at the cemetery along with full military honors. Burial at Arlington remains a right to only a subset of all veterans.

“Restoring what was once the right of the WASP to have their ashes placed at Arlington National Cemetery is undoubtedly the right thing to do in honoring these extraordinary women for their remarkable military service,” said Sen.


Trees may ‘sleep’ at night


There are trees that “weep” and trees that “quake,” trees that are “bitter,” “brittle,” “common” and “dynamite.”

But trees that sleep?It sounds strange.

Scientists from Austria, Finland and Hungary did the research using lasers to measure the overnight movements of birch trees.Their unexpected finding: During the hours of darkness, the trees appeared to relax, or droop, their branches at the tips by as much as 4 inches.

No one has observed this effect before at the scale of whole trees, and the extent of changes.

At the center of the research were two birches, one in Finland and one in Austria. Their canopies were scanned with lasers from sunset to sunrise at regular intervals, each over the course of a single night. The conditions in each location were the same: no rain, little wind and during the solar equinox so that the length of darkness was relatively equal.“The results obtained from the measurements showed it’s  similar temporal response.Close to sunrise, the branches were hanging lower than at the time of sunset.

The team offered two hypotheses for their findings: The drooping could be because of a loss of internal water pressure, called turgor pressure, causing the branches and leaf stems to lose their rigidity. Because turgor pressure results from photosynthesis — the use of sunlight to create sugar from carbon dioxide and water, which only happens during the day — the trees would appear to relax with the darkness.

The other explanation is that trees really are resting, following the same circadian rhythms of other flora and fauna. In the daylight, leaves and branches are angled upwards to catch more sun, but during the night, this positioning is no longer necessary.

Alan Young, Star Of ‘Mister Ed,’ Dead At 96


Emmy award-winning actor Alan Young,actor-comedian,who played the amiable straight man to a talking horse in the 1960s sitcom “Mister Ed,” and co-starred in the classic sci-fi film “The Time Machine,” has died at age 96.

Young, who also provided the voice of cartoon characters including Disney’s Scrooge McDuck, died from natural causes this week at the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital, a Los Angeles retirement facility for those in the movie and TV industry, according to his manager, Gene Yusem.The English-born actor was best known for his role as Wilbur Post, an amiable architect with a loquacious palomino living in his backyard barn, during six seasons on “Mister Ed,” which still airs in reruns a half century after its original run on CBS ended.

Young won an Emmy Award, honoring the best in U.S. television, in 1951 as best actor for “The Alan Young Show,” beating out Sid Caesar, one of the biggest names in television at the time. “The Alan Young Show” won an Emmy for best variety show that year and ran from 1950 to 1953.

Young appeared in films as well.As a voice actor, Young performed as the grumpy Scrooge McDuck and worked on such programs as “The Smurfs” and “Scooby-Doo.”


Brick Wall Optical Illusion


The latest mind-bending optical illusion that is taking the Internet by storm is a photo of what appears to be a small piece of rock stuck in a crevice of a red brick wall.

The image was uploaded to Facebook on Monday, and has since gone viral, racking up nearly 50,000 shares and more than 63,000 comments on the social networking site.”This is one of the best optical illusions  seen,” posted user Arron Bevin on Facebook.

“You can’t not see it once you see it!!!” he commented, adding that it took about five minutes before he could figure out the puzzling image.

Some Facebook users have pointed out that it is a brown cigar sticking out of the bricks. That’s five minutes of your life you’ll never get back. One user even went as far as Photo shopping a shadow the picture to help others unable to figure out the mystery of the brick wall. Some Twitter users went beyond five minutes trying to work out the illusion.

“It’s took me a full day to work this out.. It’s not just a brick wall.. Can you see it #optical illusion,” model Sam Reece tweeted.

A 65 Years Old Bird That Hatched It’s 40th Chick


Albatross Wisdom is known as the oldest  bird in the wild,hatches her 40th chick at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in Hawaii.

“Wisdom is an iconic symbol of inspiration and hope,” says refuge manager Robert Peyton. He adds that Wisdom is breaking records in terms of longevity, surpassing previously banded birds by at least 10 years.Wisdom is said to have raised about 40 chicks throughout its life, with at least eight since 2006. Wisdom is not only known for its hatching prowess. The 65-year-old bird is an avid and strong traveler too. Experts say Wisdom has likely flown over 3 million miles since 1956 when it first joined Midway Atoll.

Bruce Peterjohn from Patuxent Wildlife Research Center estimates that such mileage equates to about six trips from the Earth to the moon and back.

Biologist Chandler Robbins was the one who banded Wisdom back in 1956. Robbins still goes to work occasionally for the love of doing his passion. The interesting thing is he was able to see Wisdom near the same nesting area 46 years later.


Birds That Produce The Color Red


Recently scientists have identified a gene that allows birds to produce the color red in their beaks and retinas.

The color red has been widely associated as a signal for communication in the animal kingdom.Especially this characteristics is used to attract the mates,as female birds are said to be generally attracted to males with beaks that have a brighter red color.The mentioned features of the color red are particularly present among zebra finches, and in a new study, researchers were able to identify, for the first time, the genes that enable them to generate the all-important red pigment in their bodies.

The mentioned features of the color red are particularly present among zebra finches, and in a new study, researchers were able to identify, for the first time, the genes that enable them to generate the all-important red pigment in their bodies.

The team also found the said gene cluster in the retina of the birds.”It was quite a surprise that the same genes are involved both in seeing red colors and making red coloration,” says study author Nick Mundy. Now, the team is looking at further working on the genetics of red coloration in other species, particularly in widow birds and bishops.

Evidence of Reincarnation


Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that a living being after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body. One can remember his/her all memories about the past life he or she had lived.

Ian Stevenson found that the best research evidence supporting the belief in reincarnation comes from the cases of young children who, typically between the ages of 2 and 5, make statements about a previous life they claim to have had before being born.Medical documents have confirmed this correspondence in more than forty cases.

In this 21st century this is hard to believe but yes it’s true.There are lots of cases and evidences that has proved that the reincarnation takes place. The reincarnation case of Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen is one of the evidence of it.In her present life she is called as Barbro Karlen but she claims that her name is Anne Frank. She was not ready to accept her home and her parents where she was living in the present.She used to remember her past memories and lead to her past home address.

she was able to remember how the house and it’s walls used to be.It’s it strange to believe.But we can find such cases based on facts which shows the existence of past life recalled by the next person who is from another living.


New Tobacco Packaging Rules Come Into Force


Cigarettes in the UK are being sold in standardized green packaging with explicit images from today, under new rules designed to cut the number of smokers.It becomes the first country in the Europe to require cigarettes to be sold in plain standardized packaging.

Under the directive, pictures showing the harmful effects of smoking must cover 65% of the front and back of every packet of cigarettes, with extra warnings on the top of the pack.Packs containing 10 cigarettes will be prohibited under the ruling because the boxes are viewed too small to contain suitable health warnings.Packaging of hand-rolled tobacco must also be in the same green color and contain a minimum of 30g of tobacco.

Companies have a year to sell old stock and fully implement the changes under the directive.An estimated 700,000 premature deaths are caused each year and it is hoped the new rules will reduce the number of smokers across the EU by 2.4 million.

“Everyone knows the health risks of smoking and no one starts because of the packaging,” he said.”Plain packaging is a declaration of war on consumers because the aim is to de-normalise not just the product but also the millions of adults who enjoy smoking and don’t want to quit.”

Pop icon William Shatner


William Shatner is a man of many trades, having established himself as a successful film and television actor, director, comedian, musician, and author born on March 22, 1931, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. One of his most famous roles was playing Captain James T. Kirk on the popular television series Star Trek.

Pop icon William Shatner is best known for his distinctive voice and his roles on Star Trek and Boston Legal.In addition to being an Emmy Award-winning actor, he has also written numerous books, directed several projects, and even recorded a few albums.

Shatner proved his popularity as a cop in the series T.J. Hooker (1982-87), as the host of the reality TV show Rescue 911 (1989) and, since the late 1990s, as that guy in those ads. Shatner appeared as slick lawyer Denny Crane in the final season of the TV series The Practice (2003-04), then had even more success with the role in the spin-off series Boston Legal (2004-08, with James Spader). He began hosting Shatner’s Raw Nerve, an interview show on The Biography Channel, in 2009. The next year he began appearing as the titular cranky dad in the series $#*! My Dad Says. William Shatner is also the author of the TekWar series of science fiction novels. He published an autobiography, Up Till Now, in 2008.

William Shatner married his fourth wife, Indiana native Elizabeth Martin, on February 13, 2001… Shatner’s third wife, Nerine Kidd, drowned in a swimming pool accident in August of 1999… He was previously married to Gloria Rand (1956-69) and to Marcy Lafferty (1973-96)… In January of 2006 Shatner sold one of his kidney stones for $25,000 and donated the proceeds to charity… William Shatner won an Emmy in 2004 for playing Denny Crane in The Practice, and then another in 2005 for playing Denny Crane on Boston Legal.


At least 13 killed in blast at southeast Mexico petrochemical plant


The death toll from a thunderous blast at a petrochemical plant in Mexico has risen to at least 13, an official said Thursday, in the latest accident plaguing the state-run oil giant Pemex.

The toll could rise further as another 136 people were injured, 13 of them critically, in Wednesday’s explosion, which sent up huge plumes of black, toxic smoke and triggered panic among locals fearing a repeat of a 1991 blast at the same plant that caused a deadly gas leak.The new blast at the petrochemical plant in the city of Coatzacoalcos in eastern Veracruz state was so powerful it was felt 10 kilometers (six miles) away. It shattered windows and forced the evacuation of schools and businesses.

The blast at the Petroquimica Mexicana de Vinilo (PMV) plant was caused by some kind of leak, said Jose Antonio Gonzalez, chief executive of Pemex.Crews kept working Thursday to cool off one particularly hard hit area of the plant, hosing it down with water.

Investigators have yet to enter this area because of fears that structures might collapse, Luis Felipe Puente, a senior civil protection official within the state interior ministry, told Milenio television.The plant “uses flammable materials like chlorine and ethanol but we do not know the cause of the leak,” told Televisa television.

Pemex provides one-fifth of the Mexican government’s revenue but has posted huge losses amid crumbling production and oil prices.

Alaska state of a giant vegetables


State fairs in America are always a fascinating glimpse into a rural part of life that so few of us ever actually see anymore.Each state fair is unique in its own special way but one that stands out from all the others is the Alaska State Fair and its fantastic giant vegetable contest.

The Alaska State Fair held annually in Palmer, 42 miles northeast of Anchorage, is not your regular agricultural show. Here farmers from the Matanuska-Susitna Valley routinely display vegetables and produces of gargantuan sizes — a 138-pound cabbage, 65-pound cantaloupe and 35-pound broccoli are just a few of the monsters that have sprung forth from Alaska’s soil in recent years.”Some things are so big, you can’t even recognize what they are,” said the fair’s crop superintendent Kathy Liska.

Why do vegetables grow so big in Alaska?This is all because of the sun.

Alaska typically has a very short growing season, only 105 days, on average.The state is located close to the north pole where it enjoys up to 19 hours of sunshine each day, during summer and at the peak of the growing season. The extra hours of sunlight allows Alaskan crops to just keep growing and growing. Even through the growing season is months shorter than the rest of the country, Alaska’s gardeners grow some of the largest vegetables in the world.


The longest-reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth turns 90


Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning British monarch, turns 90 Thursday.But just because she’s a Queen, doesn’t mean she doesn’t put her pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us common folks.

Britons and the whole world celebrated her long and dignified reign.She has been on the throne for 64 years and will celebrate again in June with national events to mark her official birthday.

The queen at 90 across the decades personal popularity, and in Windsor, the small town whose name was adopted by the monarchy to purge it of its Germanic roots, it seemed the whole town had turned out to see Elizabeth II.Her Majesty seemed delighted to see every one of those she stopped to greet. The floral tributes came thick and fast, and cries of “Happy birthday” followed the Queen as she went walkabout.

It is a far cry from the 1990’s which saw divorce and the death of Princess Diana nearly bring the British monarchy to its knees, but since then the Queen has steadily rebuilt her standing despite republicanism making some advances in public opinion.

Not only has Britain’s longest-reigning monarch already beaten the average U.K. life expectancy by nine years, she’s also among the top 25 richest people in the world.



Dresses that dissolve with water


One of Britain’s most celebrated fashion designer, Hussein Chalayan has recently designed garments that transform before audience’s eyes, sculptural pieces that convey speed through stationary and dresses that dissolve with water. Audiences have already witnessed this miracle.

Chalayan is one of the industry’s most popular with intellectual talents who see himself as a “weaver of different worlds”. He draws his inspiration from science, design and art. Earlier he was a creative director of TSE New York and Puma and is now on the design team at Vionnet.

He is well known for the “wow” moments that he usually give to audiences through his skilled craftsmanship and showmanship.

When his clothes were being displayed in London’s Design Museum, the museum of Contemporary art in Tokyo and the Palais du Louvre, in Paris, many people felt the thin fine line between fashion and art. His designs are that much creative.

In upcoming May, his designs are getting featured at the Metropolitan Museum of art, in New York, as pasrt of the exhibition “Manus x Machina: fashion in an age of Technology”.

When asked about his source of inspiration, Chalayan told “I think there’s a difference between being considered a futuristic designer and being an innovative designer. For me, technique and the way you think is what’s interesting.”

”I want to find another Earth. That’s what I am living for” says the planet hunter


Sara Seager, MIT astrophysicist has been looking for planets outside the solar system. She says she wants to find another Earth. Planets beyond the solar system are called exoplanets and Seager is found searching for exoplanets for almost 20 years.

When Seager was a graduate at Harvard searching for a topic for her Ph.D., she was fascinated by the idea of newborn field of faraway planets.

During 1990s the first ones were explored but it was found questioned by many. Also, nobody thought it was real, but with the help of better technology, today we can see more than 6,000 of them. They are mostly giant balls of gas. The list is found growing every week.

As the list is increasing, Seager wants to distinguish and identify one that resembles Earth; a world with liquid water and where life is possible. She believed in herself in making that discovery.

Exoplanets are however not easy to see even through a telescope. This is because of the blinding light that comes from their host stars, which are of various sizes and features as compared to our sun.

When the first ones were discovered, they were discovered indirectly in response to the pull of another object’s gravity. They would wobble slightly. But the wobble can also be caused by another star and this is the same reason for having several planet discoveries retracted.

Now, a different technique has been found in order to make the search easier which is called transit. Transit is when a planet moves in front of its host star and makes the star’s light to dim slightly.

It was found exoplanets were real when transit was shown from one of the planets from the wobble technique.

“Invisible” Train: The future of travel


Award-winning architect kazuyo Sejima has created a design of an almost invisible train which is believed to be scheduled in Tokyo in 2018.

The design made by Sejima is a reflective train to accompany with changing surroundings. This means that as the Japanese commuter train moves, it will automatically blend into changing scenery whether it’s traveling through the city or country side. This happens all because of the semi-reflective and semi-transparent materials.

As said by Sejima, “the train travels in a variety of different sceneries, from the mountains of Chichibu to the middle of Tokyo, and I thought it would be good if the train could gently coexist with this variety of scenery”

One of the Japan’s leading architect, Sejima established SANAA architecture firm in 1995 with Ryue Nishizawa. His company is well known for its use of light and space and also owns a Seibu Railways which runs around Tokyo and Saitama prefectures. On 100th anniversary of Seibu Group, Sejima was commissioned to create a design of such a nearly invisible train.

Sejima and Nishizawa keep exploring the phenomenal properties of continuous space, transparency, lightness and materials to create a delicate synthesis. They both were both honored by Pritzker Architecture Prize laureates in 2010 which is considered as highest architecture’s honor.


This is the story behind the world’s most popular photograph


Almost 3 decades ago, the preeminent photographer Steve McCurry took the widely recognized and well established photo. McCurry’s “Afghan Girl” is known as one of the world’s most iconic photographs. Also, one of thousands of phenomenal photographs he has taken till date.

Even after all this time, the very skillful photographer lightens up as he speaks up about “Afghan Girl”. “I knew she had an incredible look, a penetrating gaze,” says McCurry.

“But there was a crowd of people around us, the dust was swirling around, and it was before digital cameras and you never knew what would happen with the film,” he recalls.

“When I developed the picture, I knew it was special. I showed it to the editor of the National Geographic, and he leaped to his feet and shouted, ‘that’s our next cover’,” says McCurry again.

“Afghan Girl” was taken in December 1984. The photo really became the magazine’s next cover and the most recognizable picture.

“Afghan Girl” is a portrait of a 12-year old whose name is Sharbat Gula, a Pashtun orphan in the Nasir Bagh refugee camp on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. She is now in her forties and believed to be living in Pakistan.