What does “cc” represents in motorcycle

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 19,2016

You can see numerous motorcycle in Nepal road, which gives an illusion like motorcycle more than the number of people. Most of people owe motorbikes and see  cc written on motorbikes. However, most of them are not known to the fact behind the cc. CC means the cubic centimeter, which tells about the shape of the engine or say volume of the vehicle. CC  decides the speed of bike. bike

You can see 50 to 2000 cc engine on two wheeled vehicles.There are varieties of scooter and moped which is of 50 to 125 cc. However, you can get 1400 cc and more than that on racing bikes and for simple road there are the vehicles which is around 125 to 1400 cc.

The main feature of cc on bike is it denotes the cubic centimeter and the shape and volume of the engine. The engine of motorcycle mix the two types of fuels that is gas and petrol and air as well. The mix gets burn and the energy from that helps to run the tyre of the vehicles and the bikes runs after that. The more the box of engine is the more energy will it form and the bike runs faster after that.

There is a development of varieties of engine which forms the varieties of energy with the development of technology.

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