Which do you prefer? Walking Or Running?


ww Walking or Running? Which one do you like? Walking fast and running both are exercises that are related to heart. If you have joint problems or problems in the lower parts of the body, then you should walk. The amount of calorie that is burnt when you walk is entirely dependent upon the pace of your walk. Slow walking is also good for health as it helps to burn the calorie slowly without much effort and without changing the pace of heart and blood flow. Running is another fine exercise that most people practice. Running is quite opposite of walking. Running makes your heart beat faster and also helps to burn more fat as compared to walking. Running requires more energy than walking but also melts cholesterol faster. Since it requires more effort, people with muscles and joints problems cannot do it. More pressure is created in muscles and joints due to running. But if one is fit then it is better to run than walk.


When we run, we are saving time as compared to walking. But we are spending double energy than walking. Running for half an hour is equal to walking for a one whole hour. Since both are exercise related to heart, either we walk or run, we are helping to reduce the risks of hypertension, hyper cholesterol, diabetes or heart related other diseases. Generally it is better to walk than to run because walking has a constant pace which makes walking easier as compared to running. Running cause shortness of breathing while walking don’t. Walking fast also destroys more cholesterol. Suppose our normal pace is 3km/hr and transient pace is 4.5km/hr then walking 5km at the same pace is considered better than running.

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