Why Magne Buda became victim of Depression?


Kedar Ghimere  one of the most comedian artist who is mostly popular name as Magne Buda in numerious  TV serial programe. He have worked on Hijo Aja Ka Kura, Jire Khursani and came into Meri Bassai teaming with Sitaram Kattel.

He started his career in media on 2056 B.S. Kedar Ghimire’s character in Meri Bassai was of Magne Budo which got viral and gain more fame across the globe. With Magne Budo characters, Kedar Ghemire visited around 28 countries to perform in stage. After he came out of Meri Bassai, he started to work with Wilson Bikram Rai for a serial named as Khas Khus which is being broadcast only in YouTube. Kedar Ghemire is married and he has worked in two movies and is busy on his third film.

But we heard the sad news  that he was sick from long time.  After getting sick, he has been resting for a long time. It is reported that he is going through depression and he is taking a lot of medicines for depression. people think that his depression is caused by Dhurmus’ success. Kedar Ghemire and Dhurumus (Sitaram Kattel) started together in ‘Meri Bassai’. Kedar left the tele-serial after their relationship turned sour.

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