Why Rajesh Hamal went in America without informing anybody?


Namastenp, Kathmandu, Shrawan13. Rajesh Hamal is in America now. In the earlier time, he used to go in america at the time of Dashian, Tihar for a month but now he already went two three time in America. So its may create Curiosity for the audience or his fan that he went in america without giving any information or knowing anybody.
After he returned from the Thailand’s Bangkok before one week with his wife Madhu Bhattrai again he went in america by leaving the wife here and he went alone.
Rajesh is suddenly went to visit America without concerning any body. We got some information to reason for visiting America is that he went there to meet his own sister on Wednesday. He would stay there for 2 week. He also cut the hair to go in America.
In Nepal of America Embassy is giving him easily to get the visa to go America but his wife Madhu Bhattrai is not getting this opportunity easily so he is unable visit America together.
After he arrived in America he uploaded lots of images in Facebook in which he snapping photo in plane, Hotels’s bed room, and he captered the photo with carrying the glass of Juice.

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