Women Got @rrested On Child @buse Charge


A video where a women was @busing a boy went viral to the social media.She was @busing her child in an !nc!dent that was captured on home video and has been @rre$ted.

Weld County officials announced her name is Katrina Kennedy, 27,  who was @rre$ted this early Thursday afternoon.

Police @rre$ted Kennedy in Denver on Wednesday, more than two weeks after the video was @llegedly made in the Weld County town of Lochbuie, about 30 miles northeast of Denver.The 16 minute long video, which was shot by Kennedy’s roommate while she still lived in Lochbuie last month, spread across social media. It shows a young boy screaming and crying while the alleged @buse took place. Kennedy is seen shouting obscenities at and acting @ggre$$!vely towards the child.Court documents indicate the boy was left with multiple bruises from his mother’s @tt@ck$. The mother hits the child and throws things at it in the video.

Weld County officials said they plan to charge Kennedy with three counts of child abuse, all misdemeanors.

Kennedy made an appearance before a Weld County judge via video on Thursday afternoon. Her bond was set at $3,000 and a protection order says she can’t have any contact with the boy or anyone under 18.


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