Zika virus

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

Zika virus, which  transmits from mosquitoes was first found in 2007 at Pacific. Later, it was found in French countries in 2013 according to reports and in 2015 it was found in American states (Brazil and Colombia) and African countries.
Till the date, more than 22 American countries have been infected with Zika virus and experts claims that it is in the verse of spreading.

zika virus
Most important things about Zika virus that everyone should know are listed below:

  • Zika virus is transmitted from aedes mosquitoes.
  • People who are infected with the virus have symptoms like normal fever, redness in skin and infection in the white part of the eye. Doctors say that the symptoms are seen in 2-7 days.
  •  There is no cure found until now for the virus.
  • The only method to prevent it is to prevent mosquito bites.
  • It has been found that the virus has spread in America, Africa, Asia and Pacific.


  • People get light fever, itchy skin, infection in white part of the eye, pain in muscles and joints, headache like dengue after getting infected with the virus. These symptoms are seen after 2-7 days.
  • Microcephaly is a condition which causes a new born’s head to be very tiny and also causes problems in the development of brain.

Medium of transmission:

  • Aedes mosquitoes infected with the virus transmit the virus when they bite. This is the same mosquito which cause dengue and yellow fever.


  • PCR- Polymerase chain reaction and blood check up is enough to find out if a person is infected with the virus or not.

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