186 Snakes At Home For 40 Years

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 18,2016

More than 186 snakes have been found in a house in Lakimpur, Uttarpradesh India.Those snakes were assumed to be living in that house since about 40 years old. But, people living in that house were not aware of those huge number of snakes living in same house.
All of sudden on Sunday night, a hissing sound herd waken all the members from sleep. Jitendra Mishra’s, a retired forest official, and his family could not understand the situation, who live in the house in Bagia locality. But, after some time,Jitendra saw two pairs of snakes coiled in one corner of the room.

Jitendra called his family members and some neighbors and managed to put the snakes into a box but within minutes. Some more snakes appeared in the room after sometimes.

Jitendra and his family got terr!f!ed and fr!ght**ened, so they spent their whole night at a neighbors house. A “Tantrik” Ram Chandra was called in next morning. He told them that there was a basement under one wall of the house. He ordered for demolish of the wall of the old house. The wall was broken down and the more snake started coming out.

All total 186 snakes came out and they have been put in a box and left them in a nearby river.

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