New Adhunik Pop song – Maileta Hasera by CD Bijay Adhikari 2016

New Adhunik Pop song – Maileta Hasera by CD Bijay Adhikari 2016

The songs that people of all generation listen to are adhunik pop songs. That is the reason why most singers are inclined to adhunik songs.

A new adhunik pop song by CD Bijay Adhikari has been released and uploaded on YouTube. The title of the song is “Maileta hasera”. This song is full of love and dedication. The singer is CD Bijay Adhikari. The lyrics have been written by Gayatri Thapa who is also the production executive. Similarly, the music has been composed by Krishna Bom Malla and directed by Sirjan Baral.Shiva darshan Films Pvt. Ltd has released this love song. The models starring on this video are Shubham Thapa and karishma Dhahal.

This song is trying to tell us how people deeply in love feel about each other when they are separated. Love is blind and so the people in love. The feeling of love is itself so strong that it creates a very inseparable bonding between people. The saying about two bodies and one soul is true in this case. When they face any obstacles from either family or friends, they feel threatened. So, this song is a mix of love and sadness at the same time.

Do watch it for the sake of love.


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