Anaconda VS Dog

Dog is the pet animal, which are one of the loyal and understanding pet that every people love to keep it with them. There are various breeds of dog. In other hand, Anaconda is a g!@nt snake that is found in tropical South America. This snakes are the largest snake in the world by weight and it is also the second longest snake. This is very d@nge^rou$ snake that has the ability to k!ll the most of the big and small animals. It even can k!ll the human being. This is the powerful snake with the giant size in appearance. There are various adventure that is related with this creature and it is proved as the d@nge^rou$ creature.

Thus, here is a video of giant animal Anaconda @tt@ck!ng the Dog. Anaconda tr@pped the dog with its full body like the rope is tied over the dog. The dog is very $c@red but it could do nothing. People are cutting the Anaconda. They are cutting it into pieces and even after that the Anaconda is not leaving the dog. Dog is getting so un^con$c!ou$ that you can see on this video. How strong is Anaconda that even after making it’s pieces it is not leaving the dog.

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