new nepali short movie Second Wife

When both of them entering a second marriage, they are often seen as lugging too much  baggage to make a success of their next life. This assumes, however, that people can come into any relationship without baggage, or a history that impacts the relationship an assumption that is, of course, untrue. Childhood, previous relationships, even relationships with siblings and friends over the course of life all impact spouse selection and the relationship that ensues from there onward.

In this short movie there are husband & wife fighting with each other and saying about their relation. The wife  want to sleep but  husband wants her go to bath.

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Why People Close Their Eyes While K!$$!ng?

Many of us wonders, why people close their eyes while k!$$!ng!. So, to clear this wonder, physiologist have gone through the study and they have found the reasons as given below;

~You wouldn’t want to see what you look like while k!$$!ng, so neither would your partner.
~Your brain can’t make your tongue swirl around if your eyes are moving at the same time. It’s the same principle as trying to pat your head while using your other hand to go in circles over your belly.
~It’s weird enough to k!$$ with your eyes open, but even weirder to make moaning sounds.
~It’s bad for your eyeballs to look that close at anything.
~For females, it ruins everything if you’re fantasizing about Brad Pitt when you’re staring at something closer to Steve Buscemi.
~For males, if you’re k!$$!ng in the middle of intercourse, with your eyes closed it’s easier to imagine baseball.
~With your eyes open, your lover’s nose looks bigger than the Chrysler Building.

Natural Remedies To Lower Uric Acid Levels At Home

Uric acid is lifelong disease. So,it better to prevent rather than cure. Life style and food habits are the main factors of uric acid increasing level. Apply these given remedies to prevent from this diseases.

1. People with excessive body weight most suffer from uric acid problem.So, it is better to control the body weight. There may be problem in circulation of blood due to collection of uric acid in obesity cases.
2. Ho*t and sour food and meat consumption increases the high rate of r!$k for uric acid.Especially, red meat or liver, kidney, heart intake should be controlled.
3. Reduce the consumption of meat soup, beer kind of liquor.
4. Stop consumption of beans, mustard spinach, goat, duck meat, scorpion, ice-cream, bread or cake.These food are most r!$ky food for uric acid problem.
5. Avoid the food that are fried in oil.Oil fried food converts oil andfat into rain seed. Rain seed k!!ls Vitamin E, which ultimately increase the uric acid level.
6. Take banana, potato,milk, yogurt, strawberry, lemon kind of calcium food daily.
7. Reduce intake of soft drinks, such as; coke, fanta, sprite, pepsi or mirinda. These soft drinks increases the level of uric acid.
8.Plenty of water is an essential thing for healthy kidney. Drinking at least 10 glass of water will help in healthy kidney and lower the r!$k uric acid.
9. Have regular exercises and plenty of fruits for fitness of body.

Purba Pachhim Rel Video Song By CHHAKKA PANJA

Deepa Shree Niroula debuted movie “CHHAKKA PANJA” as a director in Nepali Cine Word have released their first song. The song title “Purba Pachhim Rel” have been released through YouTube official channel of HighlightsNepal. The song from movie to be released this coming Bhadrs 24 have been sang by the melodious voice of Anju Panta and Rajan Raj Siwakoti.

The lyrics and music of this newly released song have been created by Rajan Raj Siwakoti. Before this the song “Surke Thaili Koei” was in peak in market from movie “Woda No. 6”, which was also brought by the same team of this movie. That video song got lots of popularity and positive comments although the direction was criticized. It seems the team have followed the criticism and have given the lots of improvement in their last time faults from direction team.

Priyanka Karki, Deepak Raj Giri, Buddhi Tamang, Jitu Nepal. Kedar Ghimire and many more artists can be seen in this movie “CHHAKKA PANJA”.

Mutu Mero by Sabu Thapa Ft. Subani Moktan

Dilip Saman have brought another music video in market title “Samjhi Basda”. Despite of a long stay in foreign land , he is still giving his continuous contribution in Nepal and Nepali Entertainment Industry. In this same contribution series, Dilip have again launched another music video with the voiceof Sabu Thapa Magar andSubani Moktan. As the Nepali music industry is growing lately, Dilip Saman is also earning a good name and fame in music video market.

Dilip Saman in this music video have also led the camera work along with the direction. Tekendra Shah have edited this music video and act have been carried with artists Raj Lohoni and Sampada Baniya. Asian Music Company have made the marketing of this music video song. The whole team of this music video song have strong hope that this outcome of them will do magic in Industry as they believed this is one of the best in industry.

MARDA KO BOLI By Ishwor Thapa

Kiran Bhandari, who is recently staying at Australia and dedicating his all effort to music have launched his new song title “Mardako Boli Ramro Ki Ramro Jyan, Aafno Ta Kehi Pani Chaina Hai Ramro Mann”.Song with the lyrics, music and arranging of Bhandari have sang with the voice of Ishwor Thapa. Sami and Ashmita have been starred in the music video of the song.

Pranin Maharjan directed this music video have been all shoot in Australia. All the production activities also have been carried from Australia.The flirty kind of lyrics from Bhandari have been given alive form by quite impressive act of Sami andAshmita. Amit Century and Prabin Shrestha unitedly have made the cinematography of the music video. Music Nepal have launched the music video song in the market with the presentation of Thunderstorm Records.

Types Of Boyfriend That Every Girl Will Have

1 Rehearsal Boyfriend
Rehearsal boyfriend is the first boyfriend for every girl and most probably  the reason to start  thinking about the other gender.This type of boyfriend would give butterflies in her tummy and make realize that boys are an interesting thing for every single girls. He would be an awkward dates together to the park or the movies. It didn’t work out of-course, but in case it did and she is married now.

2 First Love
Despite of the fact that he wasn’t a first boyfriend,but everything with him felt new again. She was fascinated about each other with a heartbeat changed when he was near her. She could spend an eternity together and not get bored at all. She wanted him to meet her family and friends and most crazily could have shouted ‘I Love You’ from the rooftops. However,there’s a high possibility that things didn’t work out, but he’ll always have that special place in her heart.

3 Bad Boy
Every girl would have that type of boyfriend in her life,with whom she was warned by  parents and her friends hated him much.But still,she was too blind to see past the $ex!ne$$ and the attitude. However, after a while, she realize how bad of a person he is, how much he makes her cry, how ho#rr!bly he treats her. And then she realize that he’s not worth it and she regret having fought for him. Eventually, she close her legs and she move on.

4 Safe Guy
There would a type of boyfriend in every girl’s life that he has always been there for them. He helps her in school, he listens to her rambling about how her BFF is ruining their life, he’s there when her boyfriend is ignoring them, and he’s definitely in love with them. However, she probably don’t love him back because that’s how life is but she give it a try. Sometimes it works but most of the time it just doesn’t, she simply can’t connect with him on that level.

5 The One That Got Away
Whether he is the first love or not, she was definitely deeply in love with him. Everything was working out fine with him. She went on dates, they got to know each other’s circles, she made sweet sweet love, she have seen his bad traits and loved him anyway and it all felt like perfection.However, life happened and everything got messed up. One of them either had to change schools or move to the other side of the planet, or they might have met them in the process. Things eventually fall apart and she go her separate ways, but she’ll always love that person and low key hope she still find her way to each other.

6 The Lesson
Each of the girls have learned the hard ones about love and relationships with this type of boyfriend. She have had some good times with him, but there were also the bad. He might have cheated(or she might have), she found out he has some things that she just couldn’t handle, or she have hurt each other in some way. Whatever happened, she have learned a couple of lessons, she came out of it strong and she will never mention him again.

7 The One
‘The One’ is the boyfriend she can rely on. He’s there through the good and the bad. She love and respect each other deeply, and she can’t help but think about how she want to spend the rest of her life with him . She’ll meet a lot of guys who are ‘The One’, and if she is lucky enough to work it out with one of them, then she have got herself a beautiful relationship ahead.

Best Features of the new Android N Software


Android is really taking  advantage of the larger screens, especially when it comes to multitasking. So it’s introduced the split screen setting to Nexus phones, which could be done by pressing and holding the task-switching button. Split screen is an option that was bragging itself exclusively on the Sasmsung S6 and higher, but is now finally available on Android N.

When you press the multitasking button, the slot cards are also much bigger than before so you can see more of what’s inside the app. And a sweet tweak is how the app you were using before goes all the way at the bottom, so you can easily start looking at other apps to switch to

Screenshot_20160519-092301.0 copy

The notifications bar are wider,and surely got itself a lift up in the design department. You can swipe down to extract more information from the notification. And although it’s still a bundle, you can manipulate content like archiving emails or messages all within the notifications bar.


Settings also have been a little revamp in terms of practicality and just saving your some clicks. Basic information about each settings tab is visible before you open the setting, which could be considered as time-saving.

Virtual Reality

Android N  is taking virtual reality advantage in tech. In fact, Google is in works of launching an entire new Android-powered platform called Daydream that succeeds its Cardboard initiative. You’ll need a Daydream-certified phone with the right kind of display and sensors, and they’ll work with a new VR mode in Android to improve performance inside headsets

Google has only revealed a reference design as for the headset design to give us a hint of how it will look like. Companies will be able to produce their own headsets that fit the Daydream standard, and Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel are all on board to make Daydream-compatible phones.

Keyboard Themes

Android N surely giving a very neat keyboard themes, but not necessarily be groundbreaking. It comes stacked with dozens of themes, which could be customize on phone and helps to make texting a lot more fun. If you’re the type to text a lot, then you are going to love it.

New Emoji

Emoji is going to updated by Google for Android N. It is giving its quirky blobs a more humorous appearance. The company is also proposing that the Unicode Consortium adopt 13 new emoji to better represent professional women in the universal character set.

8 Ways to Reduce Increasing Body Weight

According to World Health Organization, whole over the world 3.9 billion people are victim of obesity.Mostly, obesity problem is because irregular food habit and negligence in exercises.

Here are 8 ways to get rid from this issue;
1. Don’t eat Crash Diet:
Crash diet will urgently give a weight-loss, but it will control only for time period of this diet application.Crash diet also gives different side effects such as; headache, bad breathe. So, improve your crash diet habit.

2. Consume Green Vegetables and Fruits:
If you want to control your body weight, then eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits. Green vegetables and fruits contains high amount of water, minerals and vitamin and low amount of calorie. Plenty water will help in digestion process.

3. Reduction in Junk Foods:
Refined carbohydrate foods like; noodles, pizza, burger are h@rmful for health.Coco Cola and flavor juice are also h@rmful for health. This kind of food also an alcohol will increase the level of calorie in body and reduces the protein and glucose.

4. Regular Food Habit:
Take your food at least 3 times a day. Should take more morning breakfast that day time launch.Eat your food slowly because slow eating will give a feeling of hunger loss. Never eat full stomach.

5. Regular Exercises:
Regular exercises is the vital thing for body weight loss. Exercise will burn the fat and gives energy for body.

6. Enough Sleep:
Insufficient sleep will give a feeling of hunger. Hormone can not act properly due to lack of sleep, which results in repetitive hunger. Much food will decrease a rate of digestion.

7. Shower with Cold Water:
Taking a shower with cold water will reduce amount of fat on body.Especially, a fat of thigh and waist. It activates the metabolism on body.

Top 10 Best Japanese Manga

Here comes the top 10 best manga;

1.One Piece
One piece is an action adventure series, which follows the pirate Luffy. It was created by Eiichiro Oda. It needed something to escape the post-Dragon Ball depression. It abstain from mu#rder or graphic de@th, explicit $e#x, and the main hero doesn’t talk of k!ll!ng,a;though it satire complex issues like territorial disputes,religion, and w@r. This made it to be well received as a young readers’ comic.
One Piece

2. Naruto
It is a martial arts manga that deals with aspiring ninjas.It’s been popular from the get-go and can often be seen alongside One Piece as the current signature series. It has been one of the most successful manga in more than 30 countries around the world  for a story revolving around oriental subjects. It’s anime adaptation can be found in over 80 countries. It became able to grab an  attention worldwide, which was also independently made into a live action short film.

3. Dragon Ball
The western manga readers got the first ever taste of manga with Dragon Ball. It introduced everyone of us to the world of Manga and grab all the craze.A powerful youth with a my$ter!ou$ past and an unquenchable appetite , a pervy teacher, and a quest for power namely the Dragon Balls is all about a Dragon Ball. Iconic characters and f!ght!ng skills of Goku  partnered with his pure heart make him one of the most recognized and loved manga characters of all time.
Dragon Ball

4. De@th Note
De@th Note is a story of cat and mouse with a dark and intense tone. This manga has everything and holds you throughout the story. It is a  smart manga with a detective story where you are rooting for the bad guy. The character interaction are that strong and full of messages in everything they express.
Death Note

5. Bleach
Tite Kubo’s story of bleach takes place in the world of the occult. It is  a world in the style of a Japanese Exorcist.This is ongoing popular series, which follows Ichigo Kurosaki as he gains powers of a shinigami and f!ght$ evil. It has gained an audience in other countries as well although it’s story deals with Asian mythology.

6. Fairy Tail
Fairy tail is all about one of the mage guilds in the magical kingdom of ‘the earth land’. The story is focused on  4 mages Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Erza.
The story is mainly focused on the 4 mages Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Erza. Some ep!c f!ghts goes on with the all kinds of bad things happen in earth land.
The magical f!ght$ are quite awesome, combined with the music they are just ep!c.
Fairy Tail

7. Fullmetal  Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist is a manga with the idea of equal exchange. This carries a gist that you need to give up something of equal value to get something. Alchemy is the fuel for running of the world, with wonders ways to us it to f!ght and gain power and influence. The characters are loud, fun, and profound. The lead character are trying to fix their mistake and get redemption for trying to beat de@th. The villains are also as well developed and rick with inner-struggle. A true work of manga genius.
Fullmetal Alchemist

8. Slam Dunk
This is a basketball manga by Takehiko Inoue, delinquent high school student, Hanamichi Sakuragi is advised to join the school basketball team by Haruko Akagi. It deals with the relationships between the teammates and rivals. This manga has had a big impact on basketball programs in middle schools and high schools across Japan.There have been rumors of a sequel but nothing has materialized yet.
 Slam Dunk

9. Berserk
It is a story of  dark fantasy. The setting is a medieval world full of massive swords, corrupt nobles, huge soldiers and much more.

10. Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter is the world where the main character, Gon,becomes a Hunter in order to meet his father whom he had never seen.A wide variety of enemies and allies with unique special abilities set in a vast yet detailed world have boosted the popularity of this series.
Hunter x Hunter

New Nepali Movie Trailer “LUKAMARI”

It is being assumed that actor Saugat Malla and Karma are going to shook the whole film industry again after their hit movie “Loot”. Movie Lukmari with co-acting of these two prolific actors is going to release on Asar 10. The team have already released their two song and now they have launched their first official trailer.

The first trailer of this movie is full of comedy with suspense and thriller. The movie directed and story with Shree Ram Dahal claims to be full of entertainment and comedy. The actors Saugat Malla and Karma are going to make audience laugh hard till the tear. Surabina Karki and Rista Basnet are also in the lead role for the movie.

There is high expecation to the Nepali audiences from this movie and this expectation have reached to the peak with the first trailer released. Suraj Man Singh Bhandari have produced the movie with the cinematography of Sushan Prajapati.Krishna Bhandariis in editing of the movie and Renasha Bantawa Rai is choreographer for the whole movie.

Ma Ta Timrai Hoon Title Song

Actor Anmol KC and his mother Susmita KC produced movie “K Ma Timarai Hoon” have released their title song. Sushmita KC have back in production of movie after 7 years gap with her hit production of movie like; Karodpati, Nepali Babu, Ma Timi Bina Marihalchu.

Sushmita stay away from Film industry for some time period as she went through some family dispute with actor Bhuwan KC. She have stated that she would continue her acting and production with the release of “K Ma Timarai Hoon”.

Released title song “K Ma Timarai Hoon” got the lyrics of Hercules Basnet along with music. Nikhita Thapa have given the voice to this title song by making a duet to Hercules Basnet.

Love Story theme this song have been shooted in Palpa Durbar, Chitwan, Makwanpurgadi and many more attractive spot. This title song have been choreograph by Kabiraj Gahatraj. Aakash Shrestha and Jyotsna Yogi are starred in this movie.

Anmol KC banner this movie have been directed by Shreeram Mahat. Besides Aakahs and Jyotsana in movie, Susmita KC, Susil Kafle, Jiwan Bhattrai, Anupam Shrestha, Susan Khadka can be seen in lead role.

Saurav Lama is a cinematographer, HImal KC is in action and Banish Shah & Milan Shrestha are in editing for the movie. Shuvash Thapa co-produced this movie have the story of Sushmita K.C.

Bitaudai Chu Din by Ambika Bhattarai

Singer Ambika Bhattarai given vocal song “Bitauchhu Din” have released the music video. The lyrics and music for the song also is of singer Ambika Bhattarai herself. Ashok Thapa have made an arranging work of this song.Song have been included in “Pal Pal” album.

Benisha Hamal and Nirajan Pradhan are in lead role in the music video. They are playing a role of romantic couple, who making a love.This love story have been directed by Bishal Bhandari. S.A. Vision Company have produced the music video of the song.

Nirajan is grabbing an attention of masses towards him through the music video and Benisha is in the mood of giving a less amount of presence in music video after getting too busy schedule for movie. Thus, the pairing of these young artists Nirajan and Benisha have come out with good chemistry.They have given the real emotions of love couple, who spends their whole day and night by observing the photo of their loved person.

Things that are more important than love in a relationship

Consequently, there comes a times together when you won’t be capable of loving your partner with all your heart and soul. But,importance of the following things, will stop from leaving at that time. This below given things are will help you face the hard times together, and end up holding more significance than love:

1. Trust
If you still felt like you could completely trust them, even after being together long enough, then this relationship is not for you.Trust is the most essential component of a successful relationship rather than love to your partner to the extent that every time they’re not around, you feel like you can’t even breathe. In absence of trust, you will up feeling constantly worried and hurt.

2. Respect
Sometimes you tend to become less and less aware of your own self-worth when you’re in a relationship, when you get so blinded by the love you feel, and when all rational thoughts just seem to vanish away.True love extremely demands for respect which is why love can never be a justification for the disrespect or abu$e that your partner puts you through.

It shouldn’t be with your partner no matter how much you love them, if you can’t feel safe when you’re with them.Your love for them will definitely make it harder for you to leave but it will never make an abu$!ve partner stop from whatever they’re inflicting upon you.

Love won’t definitely save you from the fear you’re constantly in, it won’t help you avoid !nju^ry, and it definitely will never be worth your life.

4. Happiness
You can’t actually be happy all the time. There will be f!ght$, there will be arguments, and there will be times when you won’t even feel like talking to each other.But what you have to be careful about is to keep a check on the fact that all your happy times together always outnumber the sad times. If this isn’t the case, then you’re just dragging a relationship that isn’t even capable of satisfying you.

5. Liking your partner
So many of us end up being in relationships with people we don’t really like just because we love them. You don’t like them because of the fact that they never really got you, because the views and opinions you have never seem to match with theirs, or maybe because you can’t really have fun with them or because of the fact that they don’t have the power to make you smile randomly.

Whatever the reason might be, it’s extremely unhealthy to stay in a relationship with someone you don’t like.

6. Your individuality
Your individuality, the things that made you who you are today, and those aspects of your personality that make you stand out should never be forgotten just because you’re in a relationship. There was always a “You”, before becoming a “We”. So, no amount of love in the world is worth losing who you truly are. Pursue your own interests, don’t lose sight of the goals you had in life and watch how this individuality makes your partner fall even more in love with you.

7. Independence
You and your partner need to be secure and confident enough to let each other live your own lives, live your own freedom. However,you can still take their advice or ask for their opinion in the important decisions of your life but the ultimate decision taker should always be you.

8. Partnership
You should feel like you both are a team in your relation.Finding a person who we can truly call our partner in crime in relation is the most satisfying thing in the world. There should be equality, there should be friendship, and there should be constant co-operation and if you feel like these things are missing from your relationship, it can possibly make you resentful and unhappy.

9. Int!m@cy
So, this !nt!m@cy point doesn’t refers that you can’t have a successful relationship if you’ve been having little or no $e**x at all when that’s what you both actually want.But if one of you feels like!nt!m@cy is a really important part of the relationship and the other one just isn’t on the same !nt!m@te page as you, then you will face some unhappy times. You can try to build some $e#xu@l compatibility but if you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re still unsatisfied, then it won’t matter how much love you have for your partner.You won’t be able to live like this and $e#x will come up as an issue in your relationship time and again.

10. Communication
Communication is needed in relationship to define boundaries. It is to express love,needs and expectations.It is needed to fix any problems comes around in relation. And it is even needed to have a good $e#x life. If you’re with a person who just can’t truly communicate with, then no amount of love will be able to save your relationship from failing.

11. Desire to be together
It’s possible for us to be in love with someone and still not want to be with them, either for now or for all the times to come. This might be happening because you have different goals, you feel like you’re not ready for this commitment, or you just feel like you’re not emotionally stable. Timing plays a crucial role in this aspect. It’s important for you to actually want to be in a relationship at the exact time you fall in love with someone.

Signs Your Partner Is Depressed

1. Isolation

People are often reluctant to be in the company of others, when they are depressed .Somehow a lack of interest is also the reason behind this. A fear of being rejected by others, which increases the reluctance to engage socially is also a vital characteristics.

2. Loss Of Interest
No longer interest in activities that used to bring such joy and fulfillment to the person is a big one. This is painful for both the individual and those who care for them. The afflicted person can even lose interest in their spouse or children, often leading to bigger problems.

3. Substance Abuse
It is impossible at times for navigating the ups and downs of life for depressed person. They often chooses the use of alcohol or drugs to escape from this trap. This is because the person is seeking to numb their pain or feel the happiness that they long for.However, this only works for a short while and as tolerance increases so does the likelihood of addiction.

4. Mood Swings
A depressed person can go from happy to crying to something else within a short span of time. No reaction to a sarcastic joke and many other hings and events that used to cause reaction. If someone you care about is demonstrating these sorts of changes, understand that it can be due to depression.However; normal changes in hormones can lead to mood swings as well so don’t judge too hastily.

5. Changes In Appetite
Changes in appetite also can be a depressed person not touching food on a plate or someone scarfing a gallon of ice cream until it’s gone. The former doesn’t have the willingness to eat, as they are too busy attending to their thoughts while the latter uses food as much-needed source of comfort. Either way, drastic changes in appetite is often a clear sign of depression.

6. Exhaustion
A lethargic approach to many of one’s responsibilities is only natural for people lacking enthusiasm. People with depression constantly deal with the internal chatter of their minds, which is exhausting in itself. It is no wonder then why they have very little energy for anything else. Excessive states of tiredness could indicate the presence of depression.

7. Insomnia
You may think that a depressed person would have no issue with sleeping. As with many other depressive symptoms, however, sleep problems can vary widely. Some will sleep the majority of the day while others will skimp by on maybe a couple of hours, if that. A drastic change in sleep pattern is often one of the more obvious signs of depression.

6 habits of exceptionally lucky people

If you are a great believer in luck, then take this in mind that searching for all the four-leafed clovers in the world,praying to all the shooting stars you see and wearing all the lucky charms you believe you have won’t matter if you don’t actively work towards making your life better.

So, this time here we have brought 6 practical habits you can adopt to change your luck:
1. Stay mindful
Being mindful indicates to stay alert for all the times and in all kind of situation. You need to be completely aware of every things that are going around you as well as inside you and this cannot be a one-time thing.You can’t keep switching from working on auto-pilot one minute to carefully deciding your actions in the very next. When you adopt a mindful mindset, you are more likely to embrace the opportunities around you, to take advantage of every situation, and to create your own luck.

2. Remain proactive
Remaining proactive is one of the vital and most common in luck people. They always search for new things to try, they apply to every opportunity they can find, and they go out to actually make things happen. This means that they just don’t wait around lying in their bed all day just waiting for some stroke of luck to land them a job or to get them that scholarship opportunity. These are the people who remain in control of their lives.

3. Grab all the opportunities
All the successful people around you are opportunists. They’re clever enough to recognize unique and sometimes concealed opportunities that come their way. Most people are rigid in their thoughts and actions and they tend to look out only for a set pattern of opportunities. They don’t look out beyond their original plans. They don’t step out of their comfort zones. And they are not open to new experiences.

The truth is that luck probably had very little to do with it. A lot of us are given opportunities to travel one time or another but we just don’t see this as an opportunity to expand our horizons, an opportunity to be that ‘lucky’ person. We come up with reasons saying we have too much work at the moment, or that the timing just isn’t right, or that we can’t just go without our friends or family.The list of reasons at that time was endless but you’ll come to realize a few years down the line that those reasons were merely excuses! Excuses that stopped you from taking advantage of an opportunity.

4. Develop insight
In our lifetime, we gain two kinds of knowledge. The first kind is explicit which is the knowledge we gain from going to educational institutions and reading all those books. This is basically the factual knowledge we have. The second kind is implicit knowledge which is something we gain through experiences and observations.

Both kinds of knowledge have their own unique significance. We can develop a strong insight by making intelligent use of a combination of both kinds of knowledge to make important decisions and choose a particular path in our life. Insightful people tend to have a higher social and emotional intelligence.They can read people well and understand unspoken issues. Lucky people are known to have a strong insight in life.

5. Be flexible
Our lives keep evolving. The situations, people and places we see today might not even exist tomorrow. In order to lead a successful and ‘lucky’ life, it is absolutely essential to accept and appreciate the constantly changing dynamics of life. If you are a person who can accept change, a person who can be flexible with their decisions, and a person who can take advantage of new situations instead of panicking over them, then you are already on the path to creating your own luck.

6. Practice optimism
It is always your decision to look at the glass as half full or half empty. And that’s the key difference between a person who considers himself lucky and a person who never can. Optimism helps you spot the silver lining in every given situation.

Therefore, if you look closely, it’s not really the lucky circumstances that you actually envy about a person. What amazes you is the way that person is always able to see the positivity and advantage from every situation they’re given.

It might be true that the only reason you’ve never felt very lucky is because you never seem to find positivity in anything.

12 Reasons Why Women Leave The Men They Love

1. Lack of common interests is not good sign.
2. Lack of communication will drive her away.
3. If physical !nt!m@cy becomes a chore.
4. When selfishness takes over.
5. Insecurities.
6. Too many lies.
7. No personal space.
8. Being too cold or emotionally unavailable.
9. Trying to change her.
10. Not giving her enough time.
11. Comparing her with others.
12. Ignoring the little things (small efforts).

Why mustang attracts people

Now a day’s mustang has been one of the popular places for trekking route. People trek till Lomangthan which is the heart of mustang. Muktinath temple is also there and it is open for tourist for trek. We can go through bus or flight from Kathamandu. The environment of mustang is very cool and fresh. While travelling up to mustang we can see small villages, terraced hillsides, rhododendron and bamboo forests, ascending to Ghorapani and Poon Hill for fine dawn views of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. 

The route of mustang is very classic and can achieve good experience. Knowing or unknowingly we can learn many thing and lifestyle of mustang. The superb ecological diversity and colorful villages, ancient monasteries, and shining snowy peaks make this a block-buster trip you shouldn’t avoid. The major peaks you get to see during the Upper Mustang trek are Annapurna, Most of the people trek at month of September – November the climate is suitable. People trek till Muktinath and there is spiritual believe that there is 108 tap and if we bath there then our sins are washed away.

Honeymoon Night Nepali Ho*t Movie

A ho*t and comedy Nepali short movie “Honeymoon Night” have been uploaded in enjoy nepal official YouTube channel. The motive behind this short comedy movie is to give a entertainment and fun for people. The short movie will surely give an epic but entertainment to all the people.

The main comic moment of this movie is the conversation of two brothers and a daughter and her mother in a code language. The short movie begins with the new marriage. The bride and bridegroom gets too much disappointed with their first night because they both are new in this things. Their friends have asked them to make their first night too much memorable but could not do so.

In an early morning, both bride and bridegroom goes for a suggestion seek to their near one. The guy goes to his brother and they starts to have their conversation in their code language. Similarly, girl goes for her mother. They also starts to have their conversation in a code language. Both conversation is too much epic and ho#rr!ble. The conversation will amazes all the viewers. So, you people also can check out have a big laugh through out the movie.

N@ked 3D Body-Scanning Mirror

It’s time to take a look at the stark, n@ked truth and in 3D! A fitness tech startup has launched first 3D Fitness Tracker in the world, which scans a full-length mirror that takes a scan of your body to record exact measurements, fat percentages and weight. The result is forwarded to a smartphone or tablet app, where people can calculate body fat percentage and shows whether those gym sessions are paying off – despite not losing weight.

According to N@ked Labs CEO and co-founder Farhad Farahbakhshian, the motive behind 3D fitness tracker is to provide more accurate fitness results than what can be seen on a traditional scale or mirror.

All people from all fitness levels and with different goals, such as bodybuilders who want to increase muscle mass, weight loss participants, and even pregnant women who acted as beta users to see how their pregnancy changed their bodies have been targeted with this 3D fitness tracker.

Therefore,3D fitness tracker is about helping people into a future of better fitness, health, and a greater quality of life. As weeks of positive diet and activity pass, people’ll most likely be getting input on how great they look not just from this smart mirror and scale, but also from friends and relatives. Pre-order now can be made from N@ked Labs for just $499, with the N@ked Truth set to ship in March of 2017.