Batti Balera New Nepali Short Movie

Batti Balera is a short movie about a innocent boy. The boy was so innocent that anyone can fool him anywhere. He was firstly walking and there he met one man who asked him to wok with him and that clever man showed him the good parts about the work and with the expectation he agreed to do that work. And he went to him, he was a married man but he was so innocent that he never touched his wife though he slept in the same bed.

He was so shy to do anything with her. His father wanted his son to be clever and he wanted his son to be close with his wife. He every time suggest his son to do something with his wife but he was so !nnocent that he never understood what actually his father wanted him to do. Father was tired telling him to do the things with his wife and he himself asked him to do showing the demo, like he is having rom@nce with his daughter in law so that his son could understand and do the same thing but his son was so fool that he called his friend to do same thing as his father did.

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