Benifits Of Dairy Products

Milk and milk products have all the essential body nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, iron, folates and etc which are required by the body for better growth and development of any age group people.They have omega-3 fatty acids which provide healthy fat to the body for good health.Vitamin D found in it provides healthy bone, teeth, nails and hair and enhances immunity to be protected from many diseases including cancer.Dairy products reduce the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis by improving the bone health.

dairy productsको लागि तस्बिर परिणाम

  1. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes, hypertension and kidney problems.
  2. Milk and milk products are the good source of all the vitamins which are the key nutrients for the normal body growth.
  3. They are the good source of calcium and protein which are required for the healthy bone and muscles.
  4. It contains high level vitamin D which enhances calcium absorption in the body and bone density.
  5. It helps in managing the body weight and maintains the proper body growth by delaying the early ageing.
  6. It is good source of a special type of protein called casein which protects tooth enamel surface from getting lost due to the exposure to mouth acids.
  7. It also prevents skin from many skin problems such dryness, itchiness, acne and etc.
  8. It helps in reducing the PMS symptoms by boosting the energy level and enhancing blood supply to the whole body.
  9. It helps to fight with insulin resistance syndrome among people with obese, high cholesterol, hypertension, impaired glucose metabolism and etc.
  10. It provides relief from the stress by reducing the stress level, relaxing tensed muscles and soothing the tired nerves.
  11. It is good for maintaining the proper eyesight throughout the life.
  12. It lowers down the high blood pressure by reducing the production of cholesterol through liver.
    It is the good source of vitamin B12 and folic acid which helps in maintaining the number of red blood cells in the blood.

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