BINTI by Karna Shrestha

A new Nepali  song BINTI  is a love tragedy modern pop song. This song is all about a true and immense love. It is a presentation of  true love that never d!es with a message of worth waiting for the one you love by heart.Lots of  problems arises in path of  love and small misunderstanding makes people far from each other but waiting for someone you love and getting back the one you love is an amazing thing.

This  wonderful song is composed, written and sang by only man Karna Shrestha. The song is very pleasing and the acts in this song video is adding the meaning on this song where you can see Menuka Pradhan and Bishow Shrestha as a love couples and their love is shown in this song where the song is directed by Kiran Shrestha and color is filled by Prabin Shrestha.

In this song you can see some discussion between the girl and the boy and there comes distance between them but they both love each other so much and the boy though the girl gets angry and leaves him, he keeps on trying and waiting her. He kept on waiting her and finally the girl come back to him realizing his love.

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