Female Wrestling

Elena Pogosyan is a wrestler. A  female wrestler with a dream to f!ght hard and prove whole world that sh is strong enough to conquer world. She is inspiration for every single women that if a women can make it in a wrestling, then can make it anything in this world.  She is not only physically strong lady , but also much strong mentally to be a part of wrestling.

This video is all about her first journey in wrestling where her passion and love is hold.  This video is showing her entire journey in official wrestling world since a starting of training. According to this video, she took training  for four months and decided to  enter into the ring for her first wrestling match. A 23-year-old who stepped in New York for her  journalist  carrier developed the interest in the wrestling. Her soul got too much attracted to this sport. She was chased by the charm and life threatening sport wrestling.

So, enjoy the Elena, a female wrestler first match in the  ring against two opponents. And cheer her first winning her first step in the wrestling match.

Anaconda VS Dog

Dog is the pet animal, which are one of the loyal and understanding pet that every people love to keep it with them. There are various breeds of dog. In other hand, Anaconda is a g!@nt snake that is found in tropical South America. This snakes are the largest snake in the world by weight and it is also the second longest snake. This is very d@nge^rou$ snake that has the ability to k!ll the most of the big and small animals. It even can k!ll the human being. This is the powerful snake with the giant size in appearance. There are various adventure that is related with this creature and it is proved as the d@nge^rou$ creature.

Thus, here is a video of giant animal Anaconda @tt@ck!ng the Dog. Anaconda tr@pped the dog with its full body like the rope is tied over the dog. The dog is very $c@red but it could do nothing. People are cutting the Anaconda. They are cutting it into pieces and even after that the Anaconda is not leaving the dog. Dog is getting so un^con$c!ou$ that you can see on this video. How strong is Anaconda that even after making it’s pieces it is not leaving the dog.

10 Amazing Mind Blowing Optical Illusion that will Blow our Mind

Optical illusion is very interesting and entertaining to watch. Its feel like amazing to see and that tingle our mind and it may be very confusing to find out any path. It is startling to see how easily our brain can be tricked and manipulated into seeing things that aren’t really there as well as realizing how easy it is to create optical illusions. Call it smoke and mirrors, or call it a trick of the eyes. It is like playing of mind game and eye tricks. It brings on the decision that how we perceive the same thing in different way. It is our own view of perceiving the things that happening around us but if you are not mentally prepared or not good for the mentally state then it may create destruction to view the worlds perceiving.

This optical illusion proves how easily our mind can be based on what we see in a single image. It also helped that scientists and researchers learn more about how our brains work. This has helped the medical field in making great strides in treatments for mental illnesses. These optical illusions have also shown us how some of the experiences throughout history may be debunked with a simple trick of the eyes with a poorly angled line or a wrong colored shape on a box.

To gain more information about optical illusion you can watch the video.  


Some Places Where You Can Walk Nu#*de In Public

Most Natural state is in the nu*de. But in some countries walking in the public in n@ked may be illegal like Muslim countries women are totally band to show any parts of the body while walking in the public.  Different countries have their own nature and own way to walk around public but there are some countries that we don’t know in which people are being legal to be naked in the public places. Some places where people bare in the public places are:


France is known as the world’s biggest nu*de town where almost people walk nu*de. Especially in summer time the city grows to 40000 people, and group of people are nud!$t$. In supermarket also guy are grabbing the craft after you is totally n@ked. It is one of the like home in which biggest nudist’s resorts in Europe. In this country, it says that there can be legal to walk as nude but involving in se#xu@l!ty act in illegal. They can take Sunbathe completely in the Buff without any worries, head to the south of France.


OREGON has some of the law being open nudity in the United States. Bike riders also have totally okay to get n@ked, just as long as no one else is enjoying it. In legal speak; you can’t get naked with the intent to arouse others around you. So, the grandparents are mostly being okay if they b@re it all.


In Germany state, also okay to be nu#d!ty in the public. It is now in legal but may be restriction. The city has created se#x, “Unbanned N@ked Zones” where people can strip down in the public in local parks near the city center of the Munich.


The city of Austin has the states only where government maintained clothing optional park. The Park is called “HIPPIE HOLLOW” and there can be the totally n@ked people. Austin is a topless friendly city for the ladies.


In Wales and the United Kingdom, there are legal to be completely naked. But if your nu#d!ty is upsetting others then it may be illegal. So in this case the nu#d!ty law is fairly liberal.

So, to know more about other countries in which people bare it all in the public you should watch video and comment it.



Chinese Black Batflowers


It is kept as an ornamental plant by gardeners who prefer to cultivate nightmares, and have the balls to live in the presence of a plant that looks like it crawled out of a Bosch painting and wants to plant its young in their head.


Their dangling fruit even looks like bats sleeping upside down, as pictured here…

4.8in by 7in@300ppi, RGB

Black bat flower can grow to the height of 36 inches.It has underground bulb which is used for storing of nutrients.They are  are 12 inches wide and have 28 inches long filaments. First flower will appear on a plant after full development of at least 3 to 4 leaves.Black bat flower is perennial plant, which means that it completes its life cycle after more than two years.

Creepy Bleeding Tooth Fungus


It is a hynoid  species, producing spores on the surface of vertical spines or tooth-like projections that hang from the under surface of the fruit bodies.

The fruit bodies typically have a funnel-shaped cap with a white edge, although the shape can be highly variable.The bleeding tooth fungus looks kind of like a wad of chewing gum that leaks blood.They’re also called the strawberries and cream, the red-juice tooth, and the devil’s tooth. Whoever is in charge of naming scary bullshit seems really insistent that this thing looks like a tooth, while mostly skirting over the fact that it freaking sweats blood.

They are listed as inedible which implies that someone attempted to eat one at some point.



Napkin Collector Keeps Breaking Own World Record

42 year old Slovakian Antonia Kozakova has broken her own record. And now she owns a shocking 80,000 napkins. They have been reported to be worth £300,000. Antonia lives in Eastern Slovakia and in 2007 she made her first global headline. Then it was revealed that she had a then unprecedented 21,000 serviettes.

In 2013 she broke her own record for the first time by collecting 62,500 different napkins. She has again crushed the figure with her latest achievement. Some of the things that are included in the collection are conventional flower patterns to a replica of a £50 note. Some of the napkins even date back to 1940. The 42 year old even spoke about how she organizes her massive collection. it is sh)cking to share that her collection contain no duplicates.


Body Artist Brings Comic Book Characters To Life

Barcroft TV brings  great artist tale this time. Kay Pike is a makeup artists who brings life to characters of cartoon just using make up and body paint. This is such a wonderful creation. Kay Pike is a women from Calgary, Canada. She creates the wonderful and stunning artwork on her body and she transform herself in the various characters of superhero and villains from comic and various movies and cartoons.She  transforms herself into such characters like Batman, Superman, Dead pool and Poison Lvy. She also recreates manga and video game character. She has gained lots of followers in her social site impressing her fans with her creativity.

Kay is just 28 years old artist as well as a co-splay model and nowadays she dedicates her most of the time to live-streaming the transformation to her fans and posting about her creation on YouTube. In this video you can see the see the entire story about her and her life style. How can she come up through such arts, she is describing each and every thing on this video.

Baby born with 15 fingers and 16 toes

The parents of a three-month-old boy in China are seeking help for their son, who was born with 31 fingers and toes.

Hong Hong, who lives in China’s Hunan Province, was born with polydactylism— a congenital condition in which the individual has extra fingers and toes and has two palms, but no thumbs on either hand, Central European News (CEN) reported.

The boy’s mother also has the abnormality and was born with one extra finger and toe on each of her hands and feet. The couple was worried that their child would inherit the condition, but doctors found no birth defects during prenatal scans.

When the boy was born, he had seven fingers on his right hand and eight on his left, along with eight toes on each of his feet.

Zou Chenglin, Hong Hong’s father, said the family has visited multiple hospitals and learned that their son can be operated on between six months and one year of age, which could cure the abnormality.

Mum’s A Bounty Hunter

Barcroft TV has brought the story about a female who is a Bounty Hunter. She is not just a bounty hunter but she is the great mother at the same time who never compromise with the care of her children. She fulfills her every responsibility and after that she gets to her work that is a bounty hun^ter, who is a person who pursues a cr!m!n@l for whom a reward is offered.

She is a mother of 4 children and she overcame cancer and now she is hunting America’s most dangerous cr!m!n@ls so that she could pay off an $800,000 medical debt. She turned bounty hunter three years ago after overcoming the k!ller and serious disease for the second time. She has faced lots of problem on her life and she $trug^gled a lot in her life. You can hear and see the entire story in this video.

Women raise voice against the h@r@$$ment

Two men have severely pun!shed because of f@ke Facebook id to get close to a girl in MP, Indore India.. They created a id from a girl’s name and added one of the girl’s friend to get her information. It was not so serious in the beginning. But the guys started h@r@$$!ng the girls and acting very unusual which annoyed the girls a lot.

They started asking the girls to meet them and even started following them out of collage. That is when one of the girl’s informed the cops and they traced the guy’s number and took them into cu$tody. The girls got very @ggre$$ive and started to hit them very badly. The guys on the other hand cried and tried to defend themselves.

Self-Made Millionaire 9-Year-Old Child

Isabella, a 9 year old girl from Rhode Island, America lives a very luxurious life.Isabella is still in primary school despite the fact that she wears high heels, heavy make-up and bulging shopping bags. At the just the age of 6 she became a millionaire as she launched her own clothing and jewelry line. Isabella appeared on American TV show Toddlers and Tiaras and that is when she shot to fame. And now the fashion-obsessed young girl has over 1.6 million online followers. She considers herself as a very successful businesswoman in her own right.

Her mother’s name is Susana. She said, ‘As far as what she’s worth tangible you know, it would probably be equal to several million dollars. The great thing is, she is still nine and so as her money grows, we hope to invest it and make that grow as well for her. Bella has two companies that she has equity investment; she is a stake holder in both companies.So she is the major stake holder in ‘Glitzy Girl’, which was our first company that came out. The second company was ‘Bound By the Crown Couture’.

Trees may ‘sleep’ at night


There are trees that “weep” and trees that “quake,” trees that are “bitter,” “brittle,” “common” and “dynamite.”

But trees that sleep?It sounds strange.

Scientists from Austria, Finland and Hungary did the research using lasers to measure the overnight movements of birch trees.Their unexpected finding: During the hours of darkness, the trees appeared to relax, or droop, their branches at the tips by as much as 4 inches.

No one has observed this effect before at the scale of whole trees, and the extent of changes.

At the center of the research were two birches, one in Finland and one in Austria. Their canopies were scanned with lasers from sunset to sunrise at regular intervals, each over the course of a single night. The conditions in each location were the same: no rain, little wind and during the solar equinox so that the length of darkness was relatively equal.“The results obtained from the measurements showed it’s  similar temporal response.Close to sunrise, the branches were hanging lower than at the time of sunset.

The team offered two hypotheses for their findings: The drooping could be because of a loss of internal water pressure, called turgor pressure, causing the branches and leaf stems to lose their rigidity. Because turgor pressure results from photosynthesis — the use of sunlight to create sugar from carbon dioxide and water, which only happens during the day — the trees would appear to relax with the darkness.

The other explanation is that trees really are resting, following the same circadian rhythms of other flora and fauna. In the daylight, leaves and branches are angled upwards to catch more sun, but during the night, this positioning is no longer necessary.

Brick Wall Optical Illusion


The latest mind-bending optical illusion that is taking the Internet by storm is a photo of what appears to be a small piece of rock stuck in a crevice of a red brick wall.

The image was uploaded to Facebook on Monday, and has since gone viral, racking up nearly 50,000 shares and more than 63,000 comments on the social networking site.”This is one of the best optical illusions  seen,” posted user Arron Bevin on Facebook.

“You can’t not see it once you see it!!!” he commented, adding that it took about five minutes before he could figure out the puzzling image.

Some Facebook users have pointed out that it is a brown cigar sticking out of the bricks. That’s five minutes of your life you’ll never get back. One user even went as far as Photo shopping a shadow the picture to help others unable to figure out the mystery of the brick wall. Some Twitter users went beyond five minutes trying to work out the illusion.

“It’s took me a full day to work this out.. It’s not just a brick wall.. Can you see it #optical illusion,” model Sam Reece tweeted.

A 65 Years Old Bird That Hatched It’s 40th Chick


Albatross Wisdom is known as the oldest  bird in the wild,hatches her 40th chick at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in Hawaii.

“Wisdom is an iconic symbol of inspiration and hope,” says refuge manager Robert Peyton. He adds that Wisdom is breaking records in terms of longevity, surpassing previously banded birds by at least 10 years.Wisdom is said to have raised about 40 chicks throughout its life, with at least eight since 2006. Wisdom is not only known for its hatching prowess. The 65-year-old bird is an avid and strong traveler too. Experts say Wisdom has likely flown over 3 million miles since 1956 when it first joined Midway Atoll.

Bruce Peterjohn from Patuxent Wildlife Research Center estimates that such mileage equates to about six trips from the Earth to the moon and back.

Biologist Chandler Robbins was the one who banded Wisdom back in 1956. Robbins still goes to work occasionally for the love of doing his passion. The interesting thing is he was able to see Wisdom near the same nesting area 46 years later.


Birds That Produce The Color Red


Recently scientists have identified a gene that allows birds to produce the color red in their beaks and retinas.

The color red has been widely associated as a signal for communication in the animal kingdom.Especially this characteristics is used to attract the mates,as female birds are said to be generally attracted to males with beaks that have a brighter red color.The mentioned features of the color red are particularly present among zebra finches, and in a new study, researchers were able to identify, for the first time, the genes that enable them to generate the all-important red pigment in their bodies.

The mentioned features of the color red are particularly present among zebra finches, and in a new study, researchers were able to identify, for the first time, the genes that enable them to generate the all-important red pigment in their bodies.

The team also found the said gene cluster in the retina of the birds.”It was quite a surprise that the same genes are involved both in seeing red colors and making red coloration,” says study author Nick Mundy. Now, the team is looking at further working on the genetics of red coloration in other species, particularly in widow birds and bishops.

Hindu Follower Opening Some Facts Of Christianity

Lately, a trend of changing  religion is increasing. Especially, people are turning to Christianity as the advertisement of this religion is done a lot. Religion doesn’t need any advertisement, people can follow any religion they want. But we can see the advertisement of Christianity is on trend. People who are following this religion encourage other person to follow it as well. They put on their effort so that people gets impressed and changed their religion to Christianity.

Here in this video you can see a interview about a person who used to be Hindu but he turned . to Christian after hearing a lot about this religion and he started to live in church for few months but he followed that in this religion other religions are getting dominated. The Christian people dominant other religion, they don’t count and they only tell wrong about the other religion like Hinduism, Buddhism etc.He told that he didn’t find anything right with whatever they said there and he after lots of months found that there is no any truth on this religion and he thought that they are just advertising and dominating other religion so he thought to get back to the truth and that is Hinduism.

Do You Believe? These Are Not Photos, But Incredible Pencil Drawings!

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

Japanese man Shinichi Furuya is a magical artists. He does an incredible pencil drawings, which looks like real photo. He don’t have a special technique or technology to draw such picture. He wield all sorts of magic only with pencil and paper, which are getting v!r@l in Internet these days.

He mostly draws portraits of famous Japanese female celebrities. But no one on the Internet can say those are drawings.It is difficult to believe that he draws those pictures only with the help of pencil. Similarly, it more hard to believe that painting is just a hobby of him.

Shinichi is a middle-aged salaryman and paints in his free time.

People would think that he would give a many days for his paintings. But, Shinichi Furuya paints them shortly.उThis video of him is the proof of that.

He have drew portraits of famous Japanese female celebrities like Satomi Ishihara, Rino Sashihara, and Suzu Hirose. His work has been featured on Japanese television.

Evidence of Reincarnation


Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that a living being after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body. One can remember his/her all memories about the past life he or she had lived.

Ian Stevenson found that the best research evidence supporting the belief in reincarnation comes from the cases of young children who, typically between the ages of 2 and 5, make statements about a previous life they claim to have had before being born.Medical documents have confirmed this correspondence in more than forty cases.

In this 21st century this is hard to believe but yes it’s true.There are lots of cases and evidences that has proved that the reincarnation takes place. The reincarnation case of Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen is one of the evidence of it.In her present life she is called as Barbro Karlen but she claims that her name is Anne Frank. She was not ready to accept her home and her parents where she was living in the present.She used to remember her past memories and lead to her past home address.

she was able to remember how the house and it’s walls used to be.It’s it strange to believe.But we can find such cases based on facts which shows the existence of past life recalled by the next person who is from another living.


Hairstyle Dog Becomes Instagram Sensation

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

Kuma the dog  always rocks the Instagram with the trendy hairstyles. The hairstyle of Kuma always makes every viewers amazed that some human can’t even pull off. This Japanese dog’s put the average on everything from plaits to flower crowns and messy buns. There are more than 18,500 followers on her Instagram page which showcases her luscious locks. The owner Yuki of this Japanese Pup does the hair styles of this cute pup. She has been inspired by the lots of YouTube video. She give the tries to copy the hairstyles from a picture of a western model on this pup. She has dedicated her Instagram Account to her furry friend.

Kuma has reached full- on Instagram Stardom. It is a mixed Japanese Pup mixed of Pekingese and Shih Tzu. This pup has created a massive hit on it’s Instagram. Everyone is being obsessive with this cute and beautiful dog with the daily new and different hair styles.

This pup is very adorable and warming with her very beautiful and adorable look.Her owner says that she is an absolute natural in front of the camera. However, Kuma seems like an cute angel and can attract an attention of anyone easily.