Comedy Video of JENISHA UPRETI


As,We can see the most unexpected hit heroine of all time Jenisha Upreti comes for the interview and Unexpected things happens with the Host of the show and many things ravels in this interviews with makes the audiences thinks about the fake celebrity who indirectly shows the some lifestyles of celebrities of nepal as Host (Rosi Sharma) and Celebrity  Jenisha Upreti (Samiksha Bista).

Watch this extra extreme comedy journey with Luri darbar latest videos.

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Why Magne Buda became victim of Depression?


Kedar Ghimere  one of the most comedian artist who is mostly popular name as Magne Buda in numerious  TV serial programe. He have worked on Hijo Aja Ka Kura, Jire Khursani and came into Meri Bassai teaming with Sitaram Kattel.

He started his career in media on 2056 B.S. Kedar Ghimire’s character in Meri Bassai was of Magne Budo which got viral and gain more fame across the globe. With Magne Budo characters, Kedar Ghemire visited around 28 countries to perform in stage. After he came out of Meri Bassai, he started to work with Wilson Bikram Rai for a serial named as Khas Khus which is being broadcast only in YouTube. Kedar Ghemire is married and he has worked in two movies and is busy on his third film.

But we heard the sad news  that he was sick from long time.  After getting sick, he has been resting for a long time. It is reported that he is going through depression and he is taking a lot of medicines for depression. people think that his depression is caused by Dhurmus’ success. Kedar Ghemire and Dhurumus (Sitaram Kattel) started together in ‘Meri Bassai’. Kedar left the tele-serial after their relationship turned sour.

love story of Deepa Shree Niraula and Deepak Raj Giri

Deepa Shree Niraula and Deepak both are versatile comedian artist that they gain lots of fame after they did awesome role in comedian serial “Tito Satya”. They played as a husband and wife role . It started 10 year ago and is still liked as one of the top television programs.
In this program, it shows the reality of political and other every affair that happen in our society.
The scene of marriage is quiet interesting.

The love story between Deepak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula has completed it’s 10th anniversary. On the occasion of 10th anniversary, the “Tito Satya” team is going to organize a formal program on March 16 (Chaitra 3).
Talking to a reporter, Deepa told that the love has grown matured and said that the kids studying in grade 1 at the time of it’s start are now studying in grade 10 and the program is still interesting and relevant. Despite of load shedding problem in Nepal, ‘Tito Satya’ has been successful in creating a record of running 500 episodes.
In an interview,they both cleared it out that they have been well in their on-screen partnership and partner as producer

Salary of Kapil Sharma’s Members Team “Comedy Night Kapil”

Comedy Night Kapil is of the famous and successful programmed in which this show has making successful by their team members. Kapil Sharma and his supporting actors like Sunil Grover, Kiku Sharda, Ali Asgar, Chandan Prabhakar etc. have been earning very heavily from each episode of The Kapil Sharma Show.

  • Kapil Sharma is the most popular Comedian artist. He is one of the high demanded artist. He charges a whooping amount of 10 lakhs per show from TKSS. He charge amount 60 to 80 lakhs per show. He is the most loved comedian after Kapil on this show.


  • Chandan Parvakar chandu- He is one well artist and he is seen as a worker named “Raju” in Kapil Sharma house. He charge amount 4 to 6 lakhs per show.


  • Ali Asgar- He act in movie. He is seen as a “nani” character in Kapil Shrma’s Show. He was came in Nepal. He is well prepare in women character and He charge amount 5 to 7 lakhs per Show.


  • Kiku Sharda – His looks is awesome in comedy show. He perform in a various role and he charge amount 5 to 7 lakhs.


  • Sumona Chakrawati- She is a beautiful actress. She named as Shraddha in her role. She features in this show as wife of Kapil sharma as she charge amount 6 to 7 lakhs.


  • Navajot Singh Sidhu- He is famous as a “Sidhu” name. He is regularly attended in Kapil Sharma Show. He is famous to laugh in this show and he charge amount 7 to 10 lakhs.


  • Sunil Grover- He act in various movie as well he performed in numerous stage programmed. He is too much famous as a name “Guthhi” and he charge amount 8 to 10 lakhs.


Dhurmus and Suntali are surprised after collected 5 crore to complete the “Namuna Basti” of Giran Chuar


Popular comedian couple Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire who are popularly known as Dhurmus Suntali are busy building houses for earthquake victims of Melamchi’s one community.

They are  highlighted in the media due to their social contribution work and now they are spending their whole time to develop the “Namuna Basti” in Sindhupalchowk of giran chaur village.
They are very busy these days as they are into relief works after the massive earthquake. So now, they can be seen busy building temporary school in one of the devastated place, Nuwakot. The couple had reached Nuwakot after building toilets at Sindupalchowk.

After the successful efforts to rebuild the Pahari Basti in personal efforts, the comedian duo aim to rebuild the Giran Chaur Village at Melamchi Municipality, Sindhupalchwok.

Giran Chaur was a beautiful village at Melamchi municipality, 8 in Sindhupalchwok. After the earthquake in April, 2015, homes in the village completely collapsed (shown in the picture below) forcing the villagers to stay in the temporary shelter.

They  fixed 5 crore money to develop the United “Namuna Basti”. They started their work when they have One Lakh and Seventy Four Thousand fund from their own organization of Dhurmus Suntali Foundation.
They spent more than 59 Lakh in the necessary things like cement, stone, sand etc.till the ashda month. And they said that all the expenses details of the sharwan month will come in the end of this month.

New Channel Launched “Luri Durbar”

“Luri Darbar” is a New Launching Entertainment Channel was creating in Jul 15, 2016. The owner of this Channel is Mrs. Beautiful Lady Samiksha Bista. There are total 3 subscribers of this channel.

Luri Darbar channel is recently completed one program “Ae Meri Ammai” which gives lots of entertainment. This channel will be publishing soon other latest Music Video, songs, serial etc. The main aim of creating Luri Durbar channel is to provide you more and more entertainment by providing lots of serial, Music Video etc. It is also going to created lots of Social Awareness video, many more short films, interview with celebrity etc. This channel is targeted young adults, old people with programming consisting mainly of original reality comedy and drama programming etc.

Watch the channel logo trailer above, and let’s speculate about what types of videos and others program is going to make for Luri Durbar channel.

According to the Samiksha Bista,”Luri Darbar is the upcoming entertainment channel which will provide lots of entertainment to the all types of audiences not only in Nepal also around the world including Malaysia, Saudi Arab,Iraq, Janpan and Dubai”.

“Ae Meri Aamai” series has been launched.

I hope you enjoy this above series and other program of  Luri channel, we found out

  1.   Luri Bajai
  2.  Interview with Samiksha Bista
  3. Others

Top 5 Comedian actors of Nepal


Maha Jodi

Hari bansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha is known as Maha Jodi in Nepalese entertainment industry because they always featured in same programmed and they give best for the people. They both are one of the most successful and respected duo comedians in the Nepalese entertainment industry. They both make up the comedy duo Maha Jodi.  They are the most loved comedian in the history of Nepal.


Hari Bansha Achrya was Born on 27th Kartik 2014 BS (9 October 1958) in Gairidhara, Kathmandu.He is active in social life and was very much noted for their effort in the April Uprising in Nepal, which dethroned the monarchy. Before performing with Madan Krishna Shrestha and becoming a part of the Maha Jodi, he had struggled in the entertainment field alone for 6 years.


Madan Krishna Shrestha was born on April 19, 1950. His mother, Laxmi Devi Shrestha, died during his childhood and was the reason for his seriousness. Before meeting Hari Bansha Achrya, he had contributions in art for 10 years. The duos have become a hit and have done many comedic dramas and events in all parts of the world. The Maha Jodi has produced a lot of Drama & Telefilms based on sociopolitical sector of Nepal.

Sandeep Cheetri

maxresdefault (1)


Sandeep Cheetri is a young and energetic comedian artist of the Nepalese entertainment industry in the recent time. Sandeep Cheetri is an Nepali Stand-Up Comedian, actor, TV host and the Producer .He host television comedy show What The Flop, a very popular comedy show presented from Kantipur Television. He started his career as RJ in Radio City F.M. 98.8

Deepak Raj Giri

Deepak Raj Giri is a Nepali Comedian, Producer, Director, Actor, and Television presenter. His comedy TV Show Tito satya was the longest running TV Show in Nepal, lasted for more than 12 years. His show “Tito Satya” is one and only long Lasted show which run more than 12 years.  He was born on April 13, 1969 (Baisakh 1, 2026). His original name given by the priest was Shiva Ram Giri. Apart from acting in tele-serials, Deepak had also acted in various radio programs, big-screen movies and television programs. He is considered one of the most popular comedy actors in Nepal.

Willsion Bikram Rai


He was born in Birtamod, Jhapa. He got too much famous after he featured in Meri Basai program. He was cute smile and frank. He is now a Nepali comedian, actor, singer, dancer and producer. He is best known for his role as Takme Buda on NTV sitcom Meri Bassai. Wilson had a great passion for acting since his childhood days. He often imitates the Limbu accent to entertain his spectators. He is also the Brand Ambassador of Italian Shoes Black Horse.



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Five Funniest Character Of Sitaram Kattel

Meri basyai has been  entertaining the  audiences for many years. It is one of the most love and preferredshow in Nepal, despite many fresh shows popping up. So what makes the cult comedy so successful? Its actors, of course!

Sitaram Kattel is, undoubtedly, one of the finest actors in Nepal with the perfect comic timings and versatility. From playing a role of a Dhumuse to the ultimate comedian, Khadka jee he has done it all. For over several years,Kattel has entertained the Nepalese audience with his acting progress. He always manages to steal the show with his unmatched comedy and unique roles.

Here we bring you funniest character that Sitaram Kattel has played in Meri Basyai and tickled our funny bones.



It is the very first character of the show, lover of suntali. Dhurmuse has certainly got huge fan following due to his comic timing and has entertained us.

Khadka Jee


Another hilarious character Khadka jee who is the husband of  Apsara.From his dressing style to the way he talk everything about khadka jee is funny. The way he delivers is dialoge always makes us smile. We can forget the word the way he says “am……mmmaa”.

Muskan Pasa


We all love muskan pasa and his craze for girls. He is in love with fatauri budi. His character is indeed refreshing.

Khadananda Guru


His looks are extremely funny and so are his lines. He absolutely makes us laugh and refresh our mind.

Him As Kp Oli


This character certainly makes our day. It is based on the mimicry of political leader KP Oli.

He has become one of the most iconic figure of Nepal.

Chilim Chawat Full Nepali Movie

“Chilim Chawat” is a Nepali Movie directed by Arun K.c. and Hari Chandra Gura. This movie based on a story of a tourist who have come to Nepal for visit and his guide have been directed by Shyam Rai. Gopal Dhakal(Chande) and Niranjan Sigdel have unitedly Story, Screeenplay and Dialogue work. Subodh Shrestha is an editing man of this movie. Shyam Rai, Niranjan Sigdel, Gopal Dhakal, Resham firire,  This movie is trying to present a thoughts and believes of Nepalese and their behavior for guest that come to Nepal.

This movie starts with a tourist, who have come for Nepal for visiting. An unemployed guy sees that tourist and proposed him that he can be a guide for him. Tourist also accept his propose and goes with him. He takes him the special tourist area and cultural heritage for visit. Tourist becomes happy to be with him and he again goes to his guide village.

Guide never wants to show the bad aspects of his village and his people. He then says the fictional good things of his village and his village people. Tourist shares him that he wanted to get married with a Nepali girl with Nepali cultural and tradition. This thoughts of him flies all over the village.

And the people runs to make the wedding of their girl get married with that American guy so that they can also go to America. Finally, American guy meet a girl who is simple and beautiful and good enough for him. But, a girl don’t want to get married with that unknown tourist guy because there is already some man in her heart. Then, her boyfriend and his friend thinks of teaching a lesson to his guide, who was behind this marriage plan.

Guide gets lots of tor^ture and pun!$hment by boyfriend of a girl along her boyfriend’s friend. So, if you want to know further story of this movie that a girl gets married with an American guy or her love guy, watch out this full movie. This movie is worth watching at your leisure time.

New Nepali Short Movie-Sauni Ko Dudh

Namaste Nepal Reports

Kathmandu, May 22nd 2016

Hamro Short Film brings us a new comedy video which is a story about a beautiful lady who owns a shop and her interaction with customers. She has developed some honest customer who visits her shop on regular basis and enjoys talking with her. Next day he brings some of his friends and they start to fl**irt with the lady with their meaningless yet hi!!larious line. The owner of the shop (lady) also enjoys the conversation with the boys and she too adds some fun stuff to their conversation. At the end the friend of regular customer cuts off and he has to pay the bill. Finding this out he gets furious and he starts to fight with her. She in return says him to never come in her shop again.

Pk Nepali Movie First Look

Here comes a new short movie “PK”, which is a parody of very box office hit Bollywood movie “PK” of Amir Khan. This short movie, a version of Bollywood movie have now released their first look. This first look of new short movie PK have come with some ep!c picture of a boy.

A boy is almost n@ked all his body. But, his $en$u@l body parts are have been pampered with the unpredictable things. The first look of this short movie Pk is all enough to assume that this short “PK” is all about fun, comedy and entertainment.

This Nepali version of Bollywood Pk may again heat the Nepali market with immense of comic and fun. As the main version of this movie did a great business and controversy in Indian and Nepali Entertainment Industry, this short Nepali version of movie also will create a $en$@tion in Entertainment world. So, stay tune for further full movie and fun.

Mote Dai Gaye Poila – Nepali Comedy Movie 2016

Waihat Comedy Nepali Movie 2016.

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A Next Upcomming Entertaining Movie- “How Funny”

Here comes a next entertaining movie change releasing nationwide on the date  April 22,2016. On Feb 28,2016 the trailer of the awaited movie “How Funny” was launched at Q’s Cinemas, Rising Mall, Durbarg marg amid a ceremony on Saturday. Directed by debutant Nilu Doma Sherpa, the film is a joint venture of Eye core and A Tiny but Big Pictures Production.

The lead faces of this movie are Priyanka Karki and Keki Adhikari while Nisha Adhikari, Daya Hang Rai and Anoop Bikram Shahi will be seen in supporting roles.

The film revolves around two friends, Ramita (Priyanka Karki) and Pushpa (Keki Adhikari) who venture out to find a missing girl (Nisha Adhikari) when they meet a police officer, Tej Bahadur (Dayahang Rai). The duo  play detectives working to find the missing girl in the flick.

While there was an event Priyanka Karki said that this  film is very special as it  empowers women and is shown in a way that hasn’t been seen before in Nepali cinema. “The  quality of every woman showed in the film is what makes the film woman centric and empowers us,” she  said. Keki Adhikari also shared the same views and said that the film was a wonderful experience for her as the majority of the cast and the production team were women and that the film will be shown from a woman’s point of view—a rarity for the Nepali movie industry.

Director Sherpa said that she hopes the film will not disappoint audiences. Malvika Subba, an executive producer of the film, was also present at the launch and shared that she is both nervous and excited for the release of the film and that waiting for the film to hit theatres as the post-production winds down was akin to waiting for a child to be delivered.

The whole movie teams are on the process of its promotion and waiting to see as a super hit movie of the year and win the audience heart.