Cervical cancer and it’s symptoms

Cervical cancer is the mostly seen cancer in the females of Nepal. This cancer is caused due to the contamination of human papilla virus HPV.This contamination is called pre-cancer. This virus focus on the mouth of the uterus. If this is contamination is not seen soon than the cancer will be seen in 8 to 10 years. This can be found from the test of that is called Pap Smear Test. This test is cheap and painless and can be done within 5 to 15 minutes. Before this test you shouldn’t do s*x before two days and this test cannot be done on menstrual period and you shouldn’t take antibiotics before 1 week.

This test should be done once for the female of 35 to 60 age group. This test will help to prevent from great loss. Cancer can be caused at any time so you need to be careful. The injection against this cancer is also made and this is expensive so this is not much in practice.

If the HPV virus is entered in the uterus than this will starts showing during the s*xual intercour$e. The first symptoms is the white water and itching problem. You need to do the test as soon as this is seen on your body.
cervical cancer

How the contamination happens.
– If the female keeps the s*xual relation with many males.
– If the male keeps the s*xual relation with many females.
– If the marriage happens in small age.
– If you have s*xual relation in small age,
– If many babies are born.
– If you do abortion for many times.
– Smoking
– Using the hormone free family planning materials for long time.

– During s*x the blood is seen.
– Even without menstruation the blood is seen.
– White water comes
– Small stomach pains
– Spinal pain
– Feels tired
– The coughing last for longer.
– The schedule of stool and urine changes
– Weight loss.

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