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Sujan Neupane has directed has another short movie ” New Nepali Movie ( Dreams ) 2016 ” which is also a parody of 2016 upcoming movie Dreams.
This movie has been edit by Avisheak Poudel and Tanka K.C has done the cinematography. Here in this short movie Kajol Khanal, Sujan Neupane and Hemash Panta has been featured. This movie is about the dream of a servant with his landlord.
In this movie Kajol Khanal has been featured as a landlord and she has been the dream girl of her servant. Sujan Neaupane a servant who has been working for his landlord Kajol Khanla has been knitting a dream being a hero Bhuwan K.C. He is having a romance and comfort of living as Bhuwan K.C. He is enjoying his life in luxury life in his dream and also he is giving a autograph to his fan. But this is only the dream of him which never can be a reality.
Hence, the story-line of this short movie has been presented in a very funny and comic way. You may can enjoy this short movie with an imagination of a servant with his beautiful landlord.

Watch the full video. And Enjoy.

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