Eat Apple for these reasons

Apple contains high amount of phosphorus. It also contains iron, protein, calcium, carbohydrate and vitamins B and C. It is equally beneficial for heart patients.

Apple have been proved as medicine for kidney stone. Patients eating 4-5 apple every day for will cure the problem.

Heart Patients must eat 2 apples before morning meal.

It is good to eat an apple every day for weak eyesight.

Drinking apple juice will give rid from cough, burn and fatigue.

Apple juice is very beneficial for neck wound, skin problem and stomach problem. It not allow to gather gas inside the stomach.Drinking a glass of fresh apple juice or two apple will k!ll insects and give rid from constipation.

It helps to keep the lungs healthy. It strong out the lungs capacity.

High amount of fiber helps to decrease the obesity problem. This automatically gives rid from heart @tt@ck, high blodd pressure, diabetes and many other disease.

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